At ACADEMIC ALLIANCE IN DERMATOLOGY THE mission is clear: ZERO deaths from Melanoma; We should never lose a life to Melanoma.

ACADEMIC ALLIANCE IN DERMATOLOGYMelanoma is the sixth most common fatal malignancy in the United States. We are seeing a record number of newly diagnosed skin cancers worldwide, with the incidence of melanoma increasing at a faster rate than almost all other cancers. Due to the focus on early detection, despite the rapid increase in melanoma incidence, we have seen a significant reduction in the death rate for melanoma over the past decade. Academic Alliance in Dermatology is pioneering the efforts for early detection of Melanoma.

As dermatologists, we will continue to have the greatest impact on reducing this incidence through better methods of early diagnosis of melanoma, applying proven prevention methods and techniques. Academic Alliance in Dermatology with over 40 trained providers are leading the efforts to increase the training of health care personnel who can diagnose and treat this record number of patients with melanoma.

Furthermore, Academic Alliance in Dermatology, continues to expand its footprint, from Tampa east to Orlando and south to Naples, giving access to more and more Floridians. With our weekly conferences and the focus on early detection of melanoma, we are improving our algorithm to diagnose melanoma early. Our Melanoma training Program, spearheaded by Dr. Vasiloudes, has study over 7,500 melanoma cases, shared their clinical scenarios and evaluate all melanoma cases weekly.

Educate the staff and educate the patient, such as understanding the family history, co-malignancies, importance of total body skin exams and improved education across several generations.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology has refined the ABCDEFG criteria for EARLY detection of melanoma as follows:

A: ANCESTRY ANALYSIS of the whole family, deep to the roots and wide to the branches.
B: BLADE BIOPSY when in doubt; a razor blade biopsy is easy to perform but powerful to make the diagnosis
C: COLOR, CO-MALIGNANCIES; knowing all malignancies in the family tree is very powerful as the genes can be the same.
D: DERMOSCOPY, DISTRIBUTION; knowing the anatomic site, performing exam with a magnifying glass (dermatoscope)
E: EVOLUTION, EMBRYOLOGY; understanding change and embryologic development.
F: FAMILY TREE, FUNNY LOOK; examine all generations of the family and expand it to even distant relatives.
G: GENERATIONS, GENETICS; understand all genes in every generation causing any type of cancer.
H: HISTORY, HISTOPATHOLOGY; every aspect of history just like histo-pathology, the examination of tissue under the microscope.
I: INSTINCT OF THE DOCTOR and the PATIENT; listen to the patient, listen to the INSTINCT of the PATIENT.

Part of the AAD research findings have been presented at the WORLD CONGRESS OF DERMATOLOGY in Milano, Italy, in June 2019. Academic Alliance in Dermatology will continue to deliver quality dermatology care and continue its pioneering efforts to detect melanoma in its earliest and most curable form in every community and patient.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology’s Melanoma Prevention
Cancer prevention starts with a detailed skin evaluation from one of our board-certified dermatologists. We take the time to get to know our patients, asking questions about their medical history and performing a thorough skin exam.

Early detection is the best way to prevent skin cancer. By removing precancerous lesions and providing ongoing education to our patients, we can help reduce the risk of developing serious skin conditions and skin cancer.

If surgery is necessary, our approach to surgical dermatology is to deliver the medical treatment specific to the needs of the patient. Our surgical experts deliver specialized care for many forms of cancer, including invasive cancers such as melanoma. Using safe and effective procedures to remove all types of skin growths, both cancerous and noncancerous.

Our Mohs surgical team are board-certified dermatologists who specialize in Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs – is a specialized surgery developed to mitigate many forms of cancer with the highest success rates and best cosmetic outcomes. This allows for the best available treatment for complex cancers. Our diagnostic expertise translates into a high success rate, helping more patients become cancer-free.

There’s a reason why we’re the best in the business. For over three decades patients have trusted us with their care, and for over three decades we’ve exceeded expectations.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology is excited to be a part of SARASOTA and the Waterside Community. With our team of 40+ medical providers, each bringing a unique talent to the table, many who have trained at some of the most prestigious universities and with their continued pursuit of knowledge, we’re here to assist with the dermatological needs of our Sarasota community.

When it comes to your skin health, seeing a dermatologist regularly is critical. This is especially true here in Florida where we have higher cases of skin cancer and melanomas. It can be difficult to know which dermatologist office will be a good fit for your needs, that’s why we’ve highlighted a few of our leading resources, which set us apart from the rest.

We are Your Local Dermatology Experts
Our team of board-certified dermatologists have completed advanced medical training in dermatology, acquiring decades of experience. As medical experts in both adult and pediatric dermatology, our physicians specialize in complex diseases of the skin and surgical dermatology. This allows us the ability to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of skin disorders including skin cancers for both our adult and pediatric patients.

We look forward to caring for the families in the Lakewood Ranch Waterside Community.

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