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The spine is made up of wedges of vertebral bone consisting of sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical vertebrae, as well as vertebral discs, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that attach to the spine. When any part of our spine is injured or misaligned, the surrounding muscles often contract, as they tighten to try and protect the spine. This compression can cause …

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New Primary Care Physician offers patient-centered approach

Primary Care Physician

Building a relationship with a primary care physician (PCP) can help you prevent illness and disease, manage chronic conditions and maintain your desired quality of life. So, it’s important to choose a PCP who shares this philosophy. The newest PCP at Physicians Regional Medical Group is one such doctor. Board certified Internal Medicine physician Michael Ianniello, D.O., approaches patient care …

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Ring in the New Year with 20/20 Vision

Ring in the New Year

3D Mapping of the Eye to Give you Intricately Detailed iLASIK Surgery With technological advances, today’s eye treatments are far and above what they were in days past. Quigley Eye Specialists invests in the latest innovative options for their patients, and they are the only iLASIK surgery practice in the area using the iDesign® Refractive Studio by Johnson & Johnson. …

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Did you miss the Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare OR the Affordable Care Act Health insurance? You may still be able to enroll!

SEP’s “Special Election Periods” might save the day. By Ulla-Undine Merritt (Dee) National Producer Number (NPN) 8853366 Medicare AEP “Annual Enrollment Period” was October 15-December 7th for January 1st effective date. This applies to Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D Prescription Drug Plans. If your current plan was Non-renewed 30.4.3 – SEPs for Non-renewals or Terminations A SEP exists for …

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The Flavors of Energy

The Flavors of Energy

By Svetlana Kogan, M.D. If you stand in front of the mirror, you will see a complete material person as a whole. However, we all know that at the anatomical level, the whole consists of the organs, such as liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. The organs in and of themselves consist of tissues, and the tiny units that make up the …

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Accidents Often Cause Whiplash, But The Long Term Effects Can Be Widespread


By Dr. Alejandro Blanco Some may consider whiplash to be a lesser degree of injury when, in fact, the opposite is often true. Whiplash can cause immediate or delayed, and long term chronic pain and disorders. If you were in a vehicular accident and experienced whiplash, you would have typically been hit from behind. This causes the spine to push …

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New Year- Health Goals: Why You Should Make Your Medical Appointments Now

New Year- Health Goals

It’s the new year, and most of us want to make changes and learn to stick to our resolutions for our health and fitness goals, but what about your annual appointments? Are you putting them off or ignoring them due to fears of the pandemic? This is a common concern for many patients, but one that purports more risk to …

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New Take on an Old Procedure: Mini PCNL

New Take on an Old Procedure

If you’re someone who is familiar with kidney stones or have a loved one who suffers from them, you may know a procedure that is typically performed is called a Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL). The word ‘percutaneous’ means the surgeon will go through the skin into the kidney, and ‘nephrolithotomy’ means that the stone will be taken out of the kidney. …

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Keeping Your Immune System in Peak Form is Essential: What Can Help?

Immune System

Keeping your immune system in peak per­formance is critical during our current pandemic and at this time of year in general. If you are planning to travel, it’s even more important to stay healthy. Dr. Martinez of Well-Be­ing Medical Center says, “Staying healthy can’t be stressed enough during your travels. No one wants to trek long distances when they are …

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Give Your Brain a Boost with Power 9®

Brain a Boost

By Sebastien Saitta As we go into the new year, so many get caught up in what they can do to improve their physical health, and to get into better shape, but this often causes brain health to be overlooked. It’s important to consider ways to keep your brain functioning at it’s very best so you can live a long, …

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