What Makes Wisdom Teeth So Smart?

What Makes Wisdom Teeth So SmartWe all know Wisdom Teeth as being those pesky teeth that need to be removed; the molars that always seem to “get impacted” and hamper us in our late teens. Why are they called wisdom teeth? Are they smarter than the other molars? They actually get their name, because they are usually the last adult teeth to grow in. Our late teenage years have been known to be called the “age of wisdom”. Most parents would probably disagree; but, like it or not, the name stuck.

There is actually a good reason why we have wisdom teeth. Many years ago, the food we ate was much more difficult to chew. Our ancestors needed larger jaws and more teeth to grind and chew the tough meat. Because of this, tooth loss was also an issue. If someone lost a few teeth are they were growing, more would sprout to fill the need. Through time, our diets changed; as well as our jaw structure. With softer food to chew, our jaws became smaller and the chance of our wisdom teeth becoming impacted became more likely.

As they grown in, according to Dr. Sonia Rocha, there are three different routes that wisdom teeth can take; erupted, partially erupted, or un-erupted (impacted). When they are impacted, the molars become trapped inside the jawbone, making them impossible to break through the surface without help. The extraction of a completely impacted tooth  requires the gums to be cut and the tooth to be broken up into pieces. Sometimes the wisdom teeth  are only able to erupt to a small degree, labeling them partially erupted. Of course, the ideal result is that the wisdom teeth are fully erupted; when a tooth is fully erupted, there is usually no need to remove it.

Having wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted can lead to more problems. They can be painful and become infected. The positioning can make them difficult to clean, leading to plaque buildup, which in turn can cause tooth decay and gum disease. If you have any questions relating to Wisdom Teeth, you can contact Dr. Sonia Rocha at Tower Dental at (239) 566-9700. They are located in Naples , 11121 Health Park Blvd. and in Bonita Springs at 27400 Riverview Center Blvd. Knowing the facts about your teeth through a simple check up can guarantee healthy teeth and a happy smile.

Dr. Sonia Rocha of Tower Dental in Bonita Springs and Naples is one of the most experienced and caring dentists in Southwest Florida. Dr. Rocha and her office team will see that you get the care you need on an individual basis catering to your dental needs.  Tower Dental Arts is a state of the art dental facility that provides superior dental care for you and your family members.

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