Why Your Knee Hurts, and What To Do About It.

By Richard Hiler, DABCN

Knee HurtsRegenerative medicine for cartilage wear or tear
Due to injuries, mechanical issues, or overuse and aging, cartilage may be damaged or lost, Resulting in pain.

Stem cell allograft. In times of injury the body recruits its own stem cells for repair and healing. As we age our own stem cells become less efficient. The addition of millions of young potent stem cells from an allograft helps to body to heal like it did when it was younger and more capable. Allograft is a tissue donation and transplant from one person to another. Connective tissue from one source containing live mesenchymal stem cells may help with inflammation and regeneration of cells in a recipient. Umbilical cord stem cells from Warton’s jelly is considered a connective tissue. The Allograft has nothing to do with the baby. It comes from the umbilical cord from a healthy birth. The umbilical tissue could either be discarded or preserved for medical benefits. The tissue contains no antigens so there is no rejection and no matching required for the recipient. The allograft is administered with a simple injection and there is no downtime after the procedure.

Placental and amniotic fluid allograft – While Wharton’s jelly contains 7% by volume mesenchymal stem cells and 93% other growth factors, the placental allograft contains no live stem cells but 100% growth factors. While this application doesn’t work quite as well as the live cells combined with the growth factors, if it is done more than once similar results and outcomes can be obtained.

Platelet rich plasma PRP – Platelets from your own blood draw are concentrated and injected into the site of needed repair. Your own platelets release growth factors in the area to also assist in regenerative healing. There are many different techniques for concentrating the platelets. Also, the younger and healthier the patient the healthier the platelets will be, and better outcomes can be expected.

Viscosupplementation – using hyaluronic acid molecules. There are many hyaluronic acid products available that are commonly used to cushion and lubricate the joints. The natural fluid within the knee joint space is normally high in hyaluronic acid molecules. As we age the concentration of these molecules is less  therefore the addition of  these products can help the joint move better and feel better for a period of time. Examples of these products are Genvisc, Hymovis, Hyalgan, and Synvisc. These products will do nothing to regenerate or repair the joint and the results are temporary.

Mechanical issues – There are 13 muscles which cross the knee joint. These muscles must work in unison to properly move the joint. Some muscles may become too tight and other muscles may become weak over time. The imbalance of tightness or weakness accelerates wear and tear on the joint. There are very few practitioners which are skilled in diagnosing then lengthening the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles. To complicate matters further, there are 12 muscles that cross the ankle and 16 muscles that move the hip. When walking these muscles also play a role in the mechanics of the knee joint and must also be considered.

Four nerves from the low back innervate the muscles that move the knee. Nerve function and back function therefore must also be considered in a complete knee rehab regimen.

Alignment – Many patients with knee pain may have worn out only the inside or only the outside of the knee joint. This happens due to the muscle function and the actual alignment of the joint space. The lower bone or shinbone (tibia) may rotate inward or outward or straight back. The malalignment of the joint causes excessive stress and accelerates degeneration and damage unevenly through the joint. The key is early detection before the malalignment becomes permanent.

Even if patients have already had joint replacements, and all medical options have been tried; often correcting the muscle mechanics and alignment can give a good amount of relief.

Although our orthopedic surgeons are brilliant when it comes to joint replacements and other surgeries, they are not usually knowledgeable and would probably even be skeptical of these natural corrective procedures.

We also offer a vast array of physical therapies: light therapies, electrical therapies, laser, shockwave/acoustic wave, as well as Ozone and Peptide therapy.

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