When Medical Treatments Leave You Exhausted and in Pain, Palliative Care Can Bring Relief

When Medical Treatments Leave You ExhaustedDealing with the symptoms of a painful or serious illness can be frustrating and challenging – for you and your family, too. Special care, however, is available through your doctor to make you more comfortable and less worried and anxious. It’s called palliative care; its purpose is to relieve pain and other symptoms you are experiencing and improve the quality of your life. Avow is the expert provider of palliative care in southwest Florida and is ready to consult with your doctor on care he or she may wish to prescribe for you.

What it is
Palliative care provides relief from distressing symptoms including pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite, problems sleeping and many other symptoms. It can help you deal with the side effects of the medical treatments you receive. Most importantly, palliative care can help improve the quality of your life so you can enjoy the people and interests that give your life meaning.

When you choose palliative care, you don’t have to stop treatments meant to cure your illness. Palliative care can help you feel better at whatever stage you are in your condition. It’s like having an extra layer of support to complement the treatment your doctor is providing for you.

Palliative care offers:
• Expert treatment of pain and other symptoms so you can get the best relief possible
• Open discussion about treatment choices, including treatment for your disease and management of your symptoms
• Coordination of your care with all of your health care providers
• Emotional support for you and your family

What you can expect Studies of patients who receive palliative care report improvement in:
• Pain and other distressing symptoms such as nausea or shortness of breath
• Communication with their health care providers  and family members
• Emotional support
• Spiritual support
• Care plans that are more in line with patients’ wishes

How do you know if you need palliative care?
You may want to consider palliative care if you or a loved one:
• Suffer from pain or other symptoms due to any serious illness
• Experience physical or emotional pain that is not under control
• Need help understanding your situation and coordinating your care

It’s never too early to start palliative care – relief is available today. The stress of what you’re going through can also have a big impact on your family. So don’t wait: start now to get the benefits palliative care can bring.

Getting a palliative care consultation from
Avow is as easy as asking for it
This is how Avow’s service works:  a member of Avow’s medical team talks with your doctor to learn about the care and medicines you have had and whether those treatments have helped you. Avow’s medical team then examines you and talks with you about your goals for care. After the exam, the Avow team recommends new pain relief measures, treatments or therapies your own doctor might try to help you feel better. The team may also suggest support options for your family to ease their frustration, fatigue or distress.

When you need palliative care, call the local experts: Avow
Palliative care is specialized medical treatment. Most physicians are familiar with the concept of palliative care but are not experienced in providing it. Avow has a rich history of palliative care expertise in southwest Florida. If you want a “second opinion” from specialists who can relieve your symptoms and help you enjoy life again, ask your doctor to call Avow for a palliative care consultation.

For more information contact Avow at 239-304-1600 or www.avowcares.org

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