VAX-D: Successfully Relieve Back Pain Without Surgery

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VAX-D-Successfully Relieve Back Pain Without SurgeryMost people would like to avoid surgical intervention for any condition if possible. VAX-D is a wonderful treatment that has been utilized in our office since 1993 in order to do just that – prevent surgery. Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy, commonly known as VAX-D, is an aggressive yet non-invasive treatment that was designed to treat acute and/or chronic low back pain and/or associated leg pain or numbness (sciatica) due to conditions such as disc herniations of the lumbar spine. The treatment is safe and effective in preventing surgery and resolving symptoms in over 70-80% of patients that receive care. No patient hospitalization is required and patients are usually able to return to work early.

For patients that suffer from disc herniations of the lower back, it is sometimes too late for them to respond to conservative spinal health care. VAX-D is well known for its high success rate for these patients. We have seen time and time again the ability of this procedure to provide relief from lower back pain and sciatica without the use of surgical intervention.

While there are other forms of available therapy that try to mimic VAX-D’s success, VAX-D’s track record has been proven time and time again. Its’ success rate and track record speaks for itself. Numerous medical studies, articles, and text books support VAX-D therapy. VAX-D therapy has also been studied in comparison to traction therapy; regarding effectiveness of treatment, VAX-D therapy significantly outperformed traction in the comparison studies.

Patients with low back pain are first examined and then evaluated in accordance with any indications for VAX-D Treatment. Patient medical histories, x-rays and CT/MRI scans are carefully reviewed to determine whether an individual patient qualifies for this procedure. If a patient qualifies for VAX-D Treatment, an individual treatment plan (usually consisting of 30 treatment sessions over a two month period) is developed to meet their specific needs. Each session is carefully monitored and reviewed in order to maximize the potential benefits to the patient. Our VAX-D patients also undergo routine physical therapy as part of their VAX-D treatment regimen. As the disc decompresses, we expect the patient to begin to respond better to his/her physical therapy as well.

After VAX-D therapy is complete, future physical therapy plans are usually recommended on a supportive care basis in order to maintain the improvements from VAX-D.

VAX-D therapy is a revolutionary, cost effective, non-surgical treatment that offers hope for the millions of people who suffer daily from chronic back or neck pain. Physicians Rehabilitation celebrates a proud history of partnership with VAX-D, and a successful track record of effective healing. At Physicians Rehabilitation, we’ve used VAX-D Therapy to help our patients, whose lives are forever changed.

“I am the most grateful person on the face of the earth for having been directed to this non-surgical alternative to back pain treatment. It will be my legacy in life to bring this treatment to my hometown. It is inconceivable that this new and different manner of decompression of intervertebral discs and facet joints is not better known. It is most difficult to understand, as a physician and patient, why this proven non-surgical treatment is not covered by all insurance carriers and Medicare but also is not routinely recommended prior to surgical intervention. For my extremely severe multilevel lumbosacral pathology, VAX-D was truly a lifesaver.” – Earnest A Reiner M.D.

Bruce Wilkerson is a veteran NFL offensive lineman with the Green Bay Packers. “If I would have known about VAX-D I might still be playing. Years of playing football had caught up with my body. The pain kept me from being at my best. My father told me about a new treatment called VAX-D. It has changed my life. My daily activities are back to normal. I now sleep without pain. If you have discomfort or have been told you have no option but surgery, do what I did. Call about VAX-D.” – Bruce Wilkerson

As our gift to you, Physicians Rehabilitation is offering a complimentary consultation, that includes a NO COST trial VAX-D treatment to the first 17 callers to schedule an appointment before the end of the year! Call (239) 768-6396 today, the possibility of living pain free again and getting your life back is just a phone call away.

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