Tips for Looking Young European Face Lifting & Sculpting

By: Alina Stanciu, MD Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon –

Looking YoungDuring the holidays, more then ever everyone wants to look younger, glowing and refreshed. The European Face Lift developed by Alina Stanciu, MD is a unique solution to sculpt and lift the face by smoothing out wrinkles, filling in furrows, plumping up the hollows and correcting facial imperfections just in time to bring in the new year with a new you!

The European Face Lift
Traditional facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift can be costly and painful and require an extended recovery while newer more minimally invasive procedures such as the European Face Lift have a short recovery time with minimal pain, instant results and significant financial savings.

This unique treatment combines dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and Radiesse with injectables such as Botox® Cosmetic ® to replace lost volume, sculpt facial imperfections and restore youthful contours to the skin, smoothing away wrinkles.

The European Face Lift is gaining wide popularity among those who wish to regain a more youthful appearance without the risks and downtime of a surgical procedure. With the European Face Lift the improvements are dramatic and the results are a natural, younger looking you.

Although the European Face Lift does have substantial benefits over the more traditional surgery, it is important to know that the treatment does have its limitations. The European Face Lift cannot be used for eliminating excess skin or tightening and does not correct a large amount of wrinkles.

Hydrate from the Inside Out
Cells in the body need the right amount of water for the proper cellular function, and this is true for the skin cells called the dermis. Avoid alcohol, junk food and caffeine. These moisture depletors can make skin dry, dull and lacking that healthy glow. Eating foods rich with antioxidants and omega-3 can help keep skin healthy. Antioxidants are a powerful weapon with a highly proven track record that protect and reverse skin damage. Anti-aging boosters such as vitamin C triggers the skin to generate collagen; a key in youthful looking skin that decreases as we age. The newest skin care ingredient sirtuins is also being used to stimulate collagen production.

BellaPiel Face & Eye Serum & Cream
When skin is properly hydrated, it is smooth and plump and somewhat bouncy to the touch like a baby’s skin. Dry skin will lose its elasticity and tone and can become dull and older looking so that wrinkles look more pronounced and more rigid. Skin that is moisturized properly has been known to age slower and is better protected against environmental influences. As we age, hormonal changes contribute to making the skin dryer and less elastic. It is extremely important to use high quality creams that nourish and hydrate the skin to prevent aging. Alina Stanciu, MD developed BellaPiel Face Serum to help your skin look plumper, healthier and smoother. This unique cream has essential elements such as antioxidants, hylauronic acid and other natural ingredients to regenerate the skin and erase unwanted aging lines. Well hydrated skin also maintains the elasticity needed to help prolong the results from the European Face Lift.

Maintenance of a facial rejuvenation treatment requires periodic touch-ups and continuous skin care. Most fillers last 6 months or longer while Botox® Cosmetic will need to be repeated every 4 months. Patient education and understanding all the aspects of skin care and rejuvenation treatments is very important for long lasting results.

Why Treatments at Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetic Center?
Alina K. Stanciu, M.D. is a facial rejuvenation specialist and injectable treatment expert. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic surgery and frequently attends aesthetic meetings nationally and internationally. All treatments at Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetic Center are physician administered by Dr. Stanciu. With her unique aesthetic sense and surgical skills Dr. Stanciu will help you to achieve a look that is natural yet you; just better! To schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Stanciu call 239-949-2020.

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