There is a Class for That

There is a Class for ThatIf you’re the type of person who is interested in learning a new hobby, brushing up on old skills, or simply increasing your knowledge about particular topics, then you are in luck! Collier County residents are all welcome to participate in various classes offered through the Adult & Community Education Office. Chances are, there’s a class for something that you are interested in.

If you are looking to learn a new craft, there is a class for that. Check out the great art, business and finance, computer, dance, fitness, or photography classes. Whether you want to brush up on your foreign language skills or prepare for a trip abroad, there are various language classes for that. There are plenty of classes to get you started on a learning adventure of our own.

Below is a brief description of a few of the classes beginning in June. For a full list of class offerings please visit

Digital Camera Driver’s Education
Have fun with this hands-on class to gain a thorough understanding of the symbols, buttons and functions of your digital camera. You’ll learn how, why and when to use your camera like a pro when the auto settings just won’t do the job. From “What’s in the box?” to “What’s a histogram?”—you will achieve a basic understanding of your digital camera and the many projects the world of photography will inspire you to explore and create. Bring your camera, your fully charged camera battery, and your user’s guide to class.

Introductory Realist Painting Techniques (Oil or Acrylic)
See how creating a small realist painting each day can increase your skills in understanding color theory, objects’ direction, scale, proportion, perspective and shading. Improve your skills by learning to draw still life objects in color with precision, accuracy, and detail. This class focuses on painting from life and requires patience from students to complete each work and is open to students of all levels. You’ll work in a relaxed atmosphere with one-on one instruction. Depending on students’ proficiency, various subjects for painting can be explored. Students are encouraged to bring their own reference materials. The instructor will complete a demo in the beginning of every class to illustrate classical painting concepts and techniques.

Jumpstart with Journaling
This class is for beginners or those who like to write for enjoyment. Writers use journals to gather ideas and practice writing elements. In this class we will use writing prompts and exercises to begin keeping journals and learn how to use them to remain motivated and focused on writing. Participants will learn a variety of techniques to jumpstart the writing process and get the creative juices flowing and leave each class with suggestions for at-home writing to continue journaling. Bring a spiral notebook, blank book, or journal to the first class.

Parent & Child Sign Language, Toddlers ages 1-4
Has there ever been a time when your toddler has reached out to you and you were unsure what he/she wanted? Learn with your toddler ways to communicate using sign language! We will cover: household words, items of clothing, types of foods, weather vocabulary, toys and family member names, learn together and have fun!

Mah Jongg for Beginners
Mah Jongg is mentally stimulating, exciting, and socially interactive. This is a game you can play throughout your life. Come join us and learn this ancient Chinese war strategy game that is making a huge comeback worldwide. You’ll learn the basics of the game, how to read “the card,” “change” hands, and think through a hand.

Social Media as a Communication Tool For Small Business
The Internet has changed the way we do business. Actually, the change is demonstrated by improved methodologies in the way businesses communicate with their customers and potential customers. People are talking online and it is mandatory that the business owner or manager knows what they are saying about their business. This course will help the businessperson to incorporate social media into their marketing plan.

Learn, discuss, create, and enjoy developing new skills and engaging your mind!

There are three easy ways to register for classes: online, by mail, or onsite. Online: register at By mail: mail in registration using the envelope found in our course catalog or online at On-site: register and pay, by cash or check, in the classroom on the first day of class. For more information, contact the Adult & Community Education Office at (239) 377-1234.

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