That’s A Bright Idea!

By Dr. Rich Bimler, Lutheran Life Communities –

Listen to what the people around you are saying these days. I am sure we all hear “Hi’s” and “How are you’s” as well as some affirming words and a few grumbles now and then, perhaps mostly now!

Listen to ourselves also. Are we providing more complaining conversations than encouraging words to one another? Remember the cartoon which shows a deer and an antelope talking? The deer comments to the antelope, “I just heard a discouraging word!”

I get excited when I hear words and phrases like “She’s bright!”, or “That’s a bright idea!”, or “Wow, the moon is bright tonight!”or I’m beaming because my grandkids are coming (or leaving) today!” And on and on.

What we say to one another in our daily conversations really does reveal how we view each day of our lives. Is it a day we have to struggle to get through or is each day a gift that the Lord gives to us in order that we can “brighten” up someone else’s life? Studies show that when we bring positive feedback and joy-filled words and actions to others, that our lives tend to become more joy-full in the process.

So, people of God, young and old, let us encourage one another to be a “bright” light to someone else each day. We have too many things around us that take away the joy and brightness of life itself. We have too many folks bringing darkness and pain and struggles and hostility into our lives. How might we respond to this darkness and fear? For starters, we can enable one another to “Live Brightly” in this world that tends to live too much on the dark side of things. We do this by affirming each day that life is a Gift from God and a gift that He wants us to give away to others.

Think of some other words like “bright”. Listen to just some of those Mr. Webster records: shining, radiant, cheerful, splendid, beaming, clever, brilliant, and even glorious! Now those are some action words that can encourage us to brighten up this world!
That is another reason why I like so much the “Live Brightly” theme of The Arlington of Naples. This new, faith-based living community is committed to helping people live a life of brightness to one another. “Live Brightly” is not a command or something we “gotta do”; rather it is an affirmation of something we “get to do”, in the name of the Lord!

Let us each start right now to bring joy and hope and encouragement to those around us today by affirming them, speaking well of them, smiling with them, and even by laughing with them.

Now that is really a Bright Idea!
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