Superfoods: What are they and how do I use them?

SuperfoodsA Superfood is a food that has an extraordinary amount of nutrients in a small amount of it.  The term “Superfood” in the last few years has been very loosely used to describe normal vegetables such as broccoli. While yes, broccoli is very beneficial for you, it pails in comparison to my top favorite Superfoods listed below.

Goji Berry: The goji berry is a small bright red berry native to China. While these are difficult to obtain fresh in the US, we are able to buy them dried. They taste like a cross between a cranberry and a raison, and are great in salads, trailmix, smoothies, or just plain as a snack! My favorite brand of Goji’s are by Earth Circle Organics. They have an incredibly high quality product and is proven organic. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain truly organic goji, and sometimes they are even soaked in sugar water before shipped to the US. Companies tend to do this because Americans like things over sweet. Goji’s Contain:

• 19 amino acids, and all 8 of the essential ones, making it a complete protein
• 21 trace minerals
• Carotenoids– richest source!
• B Vitamins
• Vitamin E
• Beta Sitosterol (anti- inflammatory)
• Cyperone (good for blood pressure)
• Solavtivon (anti fungal/bacterial)
• Physalin (Fights leukemia/ hepatitis B)
• Betaine-beetuheen (helps liver produce choline, good for memory/muscle growth/fatty liver disease/ and protects liver)
• polysaccharides ( inhibit tumor growth, prevent cancer, neutralizes side effects of chemo/radiation,normalize blood pressure, balance blood sugar, autoimmune fighter, anti inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and increases calcium absorbtion)
• Germanium (reduces cancer risk)

Raw Cacao: Yes, Cacao is chocolate… and YES it is great for you!!! There is just one catch- it needs to be in its RAW, uncooked, unprocessed form to have medicinal benefits. There was a time in our history when cacao was used for currency and had a higher value than gold! Cacao has:
• Magnesium (The highest source!)
• Iron (1 oz contains 314% your RDA!)
• Manganese(helps to assist iron in the oxygenation of your blood and helps hemoglobin to form).
• Chromium(around 80% of americans are deficient in this essential trace mineral. This mineral is major in keeping balanced blood sugar levels. It is also used by the body with fat, protein, and carbohydrate storage in the body.)
• Zinc
• Copper
• Vitamin C (all cooked chocolate has NO vitamin C present!)
• Omega 6
• Phenylethylamine (“The love chemical” Also known to control appetite and increase focus and alertness.)
• Phosphorus (needed by the body to build strong bones and teeth)
• Anandamide (endorphin that the body creates after exercise.)
• Serotonin
• Tryptophan
• Soluble Fiber
• Theobromine. (relative to caffeine but does not stimulate the nervous system. It is a great anti-bacterial substance that actually kills the bacteria that causes cavities.)
• Scores 995 on the Antioxidant ORAC scale! (Blueberries score 32)

There is really nothing this plant can’t heal. When something is this nutrient rich, the body takes it, delivers it to your cells, and it cleans up and builds up! Some people notice an immediate difference in their sense of well being on just the first use! This is ultra powerful, and is generally best to take in a liquid form. Starting with 1-3 drops daily, working your way up to 15 drops per day is a general method to consume this product. It can be taken directly on the tongue, in smoothies, or in water.

Adding these three items to your daily diet will dramatically increase your bodies healing abilities and ability to function on a higher level! Bring in this article to receive 10% off the purchase of any of these items!

Marine Phytoplankton:  Marine Phytoplankton is the basis of all life form– it provides 90% of the oxygen we breath! Its super packed with nutrients and everything found in phytoplankton is 100% absorbable by the human body, there is no other object on earth like this! This is single handedly the most nutrient dense food on the entire planet. Nothing can compare to this gram for gram! This ocean based plant supercharges your cells—I like to consider it rocket fuel for my cells! Because of its outstanding nutritional make up and cell building properties, this food can heal an array of issues commonly found in the body:
• high in polysaccharides (healing sugars)
• Over 60% protein
• high in Antioxidants
• Gives you super energy– on a cellular level
• Antiviral
• Antifungal
• Antibacterial
• improves immune system
• Anti-inflammatory
• high nucleotide content (builders of RNA and DNA)
• high alkaline forming
• great for a fast, safe detoxification
• great for weight loss
• Amazing for improving memory
• Increase oxygen flow and uptake
• gives better endurance
• normalizes blood sugar
• helps body recover faster from injuries
• aids in repairing nervous system
• Improves eyesight
• Improves digestion
• Helps to improve sleep
• Aids in healing chronic conditions such as inflammation, rheumatoid, arthritis, auto immune diseases.

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