Snowbird Finds Unmatched Care with Family Feel at CVSI!

By Gino Sedillo, M.D., FACC – CardioVascular Solutions Institute

Snowbird Finds Unmatched Care with Family Feel at CVSIImagine receiving such personal care from your doctor’s office that you get a phone call every day just to see how you are feeling. Someone from the office calls your out-of-state family member to keep everyone updated on your progress. Treating an actual person, and not just a patient number, is exactly how Dr. Gino Sedillo and his staff approach caring for their patients.

Kathleen Harmon, an Indiana native with a vacation home here in Florida, enthusiastically shares her story of extraordinary care from Dr. Sedillo and the entire office staff at Cardiovascular Solutions Institute.

When looking back on the last twelve months, Kathleen exclaims, “Dr. Sedillo saved her life and the entire staff saved her sanity. Without Cardiovascular Solutions Institute, I would not be here to share my story.”

Her doctor in Indiana discovered that Kathleen had a AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) and told her that she needed to keep an eye on it because it was growing. Knowing that she was going to be spending time at her Florida home, Kathleen was referred to Dr. Sedillo. Kathleen went for her first visit to CVSI about a year ago and truly believes that it was the best decision she has ever made. Last April, she became very ill. She lost more than 80 pounds in a short time, and always felt nauseated and constipated. Kathleen recalls she honestly believed she was dying. “It was a very scary time. Dr. Sedillo and staff did more than treat my physical health; they talked with me and helped me through my darkest days with encouragement and support. Simply put, they became my family while caring for me.”

While being treated in Indiana, Kathleen was put through test after test after test. In contrast, Dr. Sedillo knew that her kidney was very fragile and couldn’t take multiple tests. “Even though he is an Interventional Cardiovascular physician, Dr. Sedillo took into consideration how multiple testing and procedures would affect other areas of my body. He took charge and coordinated a treatment plan for my whole body, which prevented double testing and resulted in phenomenal care.”

Kathleen also praised the staff for maintaining constant contact with her three children, whom all live in different states. This was invaluable to Kathleen and her family.  “The staff explained everything in ways that made it easy for my family to understand. My loved ones always knew what was going on with my health and treatment. Also, I did not have the responsibility of having to contact them regularly and try to explain the updates or treatment plan. I could just be the patient and get well.  This alone meant the world to me and prevented unnecessary worry and frustration.”

“I feel so secure with the care that I receive from Cardiovascular Solutions Institute that we are in the process of transitioning from Indiana to making Florida my primary home. It would be great if every office hired caring professionals that sincerely want to help people and not just treat it as a job.”

Kathleen’s physical and mental health has improved tremendously over the last 12 months. She admitted that just last year she wrote her eulogy and was prepared to have someone read it before the year’s end. “Thanks to Dr. Sedillo and the entire Cardiovascular Solutions Institute office, I am excited to say that no one will be reading it for a long time. I just love them all to pieces. They literally gave me many years of life that I truly didn’t think I would have.” In fact, I’m feeling so great, I’m traveling to attend my sister’s 50th wedding anniversary!

After Dr. Sedillo repaired the AAA with a closed, percutaneous procedure and placed several stents in blocked arteries, Kathleen is feeling much better and enjoying a better quality of life.  Visit our website at or call our office for information or to make an appointment (941) 747-8789.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr. Sedillo is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology, and has been a member of the American College of Cardiology since 1996. After 15 years of training, Dr. Sedillo started working for the Bradenton Cardiology Center in 1995. While there he performed more than 1,000 procedures per year and he began teaching procedures and techniques to other practicing cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and interventional radiologists. He served as Director of the cardiac catheterization lab at Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Most recently, in May 2011, Dr. Sedillo founded his independent practice, CardioVascular Solutions Institute, with offices in Sarasota and Bradenton. Since then Dr. Sedillo has been named director of the Percutaneous Coronary Intervention program at Doctors Hospital in Sarasota.

When he’s not seeing patients, teaching other physicians or doing clinical research, Sedillo cherishes time with his three children.
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