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Getting the proper amount of sleep is very important to the human body. When you do not get the proper amount of sleep every day, you could suffer from a number of different problems, some severe. The average person spends one third of their life sleeping. If you do not get enough sleep, concentration levels and response times may suffer.

Sleep disorders are very common, and can develop in anyone at any time. They can be caused by many different reasons, however all forms of sleeping disorders can be treated. It is important that you get a diagnosis from a medical professional, preferably one that specializes in sleep disorders.

When a person suffers from a sleep disorder, it affects their everyday life. There are many causes as to why we have sleeping problems, which contribute to the severity. Believe it or not, when you sleep in a dirty room, it is difficult to get a good night sleep. Whether it is dusty or just smelly try cleaning up and you will feel the difference in the quality of sleep you get at night. Another contributor to sleep disorders is caffeine. If you drink coffee or soda late at night, you may develop irregular sleep patterns.

The symptoms of sleep disorders are relatively easy to recognize. If you feel like you need to take a nap halfway through the day or your response time slows down, you may not be getting enough sleep. Another symptom that indicates that you have a sleep disorder is that you are irritable.

Seeking medical attention is the only way that you will know for sure if you have a sleep disorder. The doctor will take into consideration your symptoms, gender, lifestyle and psychological history. These all play an important part in diagnosing sleep disorders. Your physician may recommend that you keep a record of your day to day habits, including diet, and sleep schedule.

There are methods of treating sleep disorders that have been around for decades. Depending on the diagnosis, your physician my recommend one or more of the following treatments: CPAP; positional therapy, sleep hygiene education, medication, counseling, light therapy, dental appliances, laser surgery, or an overnight stay at a sleep center.

To help increase the amount of restful sleep you get, set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it every night. Do not drink anything including water after a certain time each night. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages at night as these are stimulants and will keep you awake. Try to do some light exercises or taking a walk in the evening, this will assist in eliminating built up stress and tire you out quicker so you will be able to sleep.

If you suffer from these disorders, it is important that you understand that you are not alone. Millions of people around the world share the same disorder to some degree. There are support groups to help those who are affected to deal with their sleep disorders. They share with the group what works for them and what does not.

At the Sleep Disorders Center at Charlotte Regional Medical Center, the certified sleep specialists will pinpoint the cause of your sleep disorder and recommend proper treatment to help you get the rest you need. Most sleep procedures and treatments are covered by Medicare and/or supplemental and private insurance. Don’t waste another night of tossing and turning, call the Sleep Disorders Center today for a consultation.

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