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Sky Zone HealthySky Zone Healthy is about being active because you are burning calories with every jump. It’s about experiencing the freedom of jumping, which actually helps get your body in better shape. Sky Zone Healthy is also that exhilarating feeling of accomplishment you get from just an hour of wall-to-wall fun. Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour just by jumping with us! Healthy and happy go together, and Sky Zone is here to keep you active, athletic and fit.

Skip The Gym
Getting to the gym can be a challenge, but Sky Zone makes exercise a joy! Bouncing uses almost every muscle and focuses specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Start toning your muscles, burning fat and increasing your metabolism by having fun!

To promote cardiovascular health, young people need at least one and a half hours of intense physical activity per day. (School of Sports Science; Oslo, Norway)

Regular bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back, and legs. Core stability muscles are consistently engaged to help enhance balance. This type of training helps boost your metabolic rate and the ability to burn fat and calories.

How Does Sky Zone Keep Me Healthy
Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Health
Jumping against gravity strengthens all body systems and is considered one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular activity increases heart rate and pulse rate. In other words, jumping works the heart muscle! Jumping also strengthens major muscle groups that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

As you come down on the trampoline, you put greater gravitational pull (G force) on your muscles. Heart muscle fibers get stronger as a result. That means all of your muscles and muscle layers will grow stronger, too. With each bounce, sixty trillion cells in your body are continuously being strengthened.

Because your heart is being strengthened, your blood circulation improves. Good circulation ensures that oxygen is pumped through your body more efficiently.

Low Impact WORKOUT FOR Bones and Joints
Jumping at Sky Zone is a low-impact workout. This means the equipment (the spring) absorbs about 80% of the shock from the rebound. This absorption reduces the stress on bones and joints (like the knees and spine) and minimizes the chance of injury. Repeated low-impact exercise builds and strengthens the bones and muscles. Over time, this can result in improved balance, co-ordination and posture. Jumping can even increase the strength in your joints, which can decrease or prevent arthritis pain. Muscles are also strengthened and lengthened, which increases flexibility.

Jumping on a trampoline can increase bone density as well. According to research by NASA, bouncing can help reduce the risk of bone conditions such as fractures and osteoporosis. The light impact when landing on the trampoline helps strengthen bones and improve bone density. NASA found that bouncing was able to help rebuild astronauts’ bone mass after returning from space, where they lose almost 15% muscle and bone mass.

Balance and Coordination
Bouncing forces you to become more aware of your center of gravity. This constant strengthening of balance is perfect for cross-training athletes. The need to coordinate your arms and legs can lead to increased hand-eye coordination as well.

Trampoline exercise is a great way to develop the skills that allow you to undertake a number of items requiring simultaneous concentration: bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body’s position and anticipating the next action. This is proven to have a positive impact on bilateral motor skills, as well as allowing jumpers to control different muscles and limbs at one time.

SkyRobics & SkyFit Boot Camp
Did you ever think it was possible to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, and still have FUN doing it? With SkyRobics, that possibility is now a reality!

SkyRobics is low impact and combines advanced calisthenics, core exercises and strength building aerobics, all done on our patented, all-trampoline, walled playing courts. SkyRobics is one of the most dynamic, effective and intense workouts you can have, while being fun and easy on your joints. Those at any level of physical fitness will reap the physical and mental benefits of this revolutionary workout.

Class size is limited on Monday and Thursday and we often fill up quickly. Call the park to check space availability.

. Classes are offered Monday at 5:45 and 6:45, Thursday at 6 p.m. and Saturday morning at 9 a.m
. Pay by the class – individual classes are $13

Check the ‘Calendar’ section of our site for the most up-to-date SkyRobics class schedule.

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31 Calendar Day Membership Includes:
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