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Safety Awareness Month: Physical Therapist, Adam Pennell Offers Insight to Keep you Safe at Home

Adam PennellGrowing older has it’s set of challenges that, to some, might seem to snowball into multiple tasks and increased risks of injury. At any age, we know it’s essential to ask for help, but for the elderly, it’s critical to maintain safety within the home.

With issues such as low vision, loss of hearing, arthritis, decreased mobility, and imbalance, to name a few, there are multiple ways that Physical Therapist help their patients retrain and strengthen range-of-motion, balance, and muscle strength. However, one step that Adam Pennell, DPT, and his colleagues take further is evaluating the home and giving valuable tips to keep their patients’ safe long term.

We caught up with Millennium Physician Groups Doctor of Physical Therapy and Program Manager, Adam Pennell, to find out more about PT and Patient Safety Protocols.

“The biggest thing we can do to improve home safety is to plan ahead,” Pennell explains. “Doing an assessment of the home to look for trip hazards, installing nightlights, and performing home repairs in a timely manner can go a long way toward preventing catastrophe.

The most common fall hazards are power cords, rugs, uneven concrete, rolling chairs, and slippery surfaces. Taking the time to address these issues ahead of time could prevent disaster. You should also be aware of fall hazards that might not always be present such as tile flooring that gets slippery when wet, blankets that may hang off the bed at night, and pets that have a tendency to get underfoot.

“Another important aspect is planning ahead and making arrangements to ensure safety. Having a system in place to call for help, especially for people who live alone. Going to the restroom at night is the most common time people fall, and in addition to being tired and walking in the dark, most people don’t carry their cell phones with them. Having a friend or family member who checks in on regular intervals is also important to make sure people can get timely help when needed.”

It’s important to be proactive and seek out reputable PT if you’ve injured yourself, if you’re suffering from a chronic issue or if you need assistance after a stroke, heart attack, surgery or hospitalization. If you have any musculoskeletal disorders, physical therapy can help to improve your condition significantly. Millennium Physician Group’s Physical Therapy can be the solution to helping you get back to safely doing the things you love.

Millennium Physician Group’s PT
Millennium Physician Group has 9 offices from Venice to Naples. If patients are unclear if they have a balance issue, they can always get an order for a Physical Therapist to evaluate their balance and see if further therapy is needed. All of the therapists at Millennium are certified in treatment of balance disorders and vestibular rehabilitation.

Adam Pennell, DPT
Adam W. Pennell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Manager of Millennium Physician Groups PT department. He graduated with honors in 2004 from Northwestern State University and has over 16 years of experience in patient care.

PT Services provided:
• Generalized and specific orthopedic rehabilitation
• Neck and back pain
• Upper and lower extremity injuries
• Balance training
• Post-surgical or injury evaluations and programs
• Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation
• Industrial rehabilitation
• Post-rehabilitation exercise and wellness programs

Millennium Physician Group is one of the largest comprehensive independent physician groups with more than 500 healthcare providers located throughout Florida. Learn more about us today and how joining Millennium as a patient, a provider, or a team member can benefit you. We are here to connect you to a healthier life.

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