Resolve to Take Better Care of Your Teeth and Gums

By Dr. Alexander Gaukhman

Better Care of Your Teeth and GumsWith the onset of New Year, everyone makes certain resolutions. While some decide to overcome and control their bad habits, some make plans about achieving something, but have you ever considered making any resolution for the well being of your teeth and gums? Our health and body deserve the most attention and care than anything else and this includes our oral health too. Therefore, if you have been careless about your teeth, this year try to pay some heed to them by acting upon following oral care resolutions:

Regular Visits to Dentists
Many believe that there is no need to visit a dentist unless a dental problem occurs or there is pain in any tooth, but do you know that regular visits for no reason can help you from having oral issues?

When you make visiting dentist your habit, you are routinely updated about the health of your gums and teeth and if there is any kind of problem, you get the immediate treatment and, thus, you can avoid the severe pains, medicines, etc.

Brushing Teeth Twice a Day
Many people consider it insignificant to brush their teeth twice a day and normally skip brushing before going to sleep at nights, but do you know when you go to sleep the bacteria inside your mouth wake up?

The food you eat at night remains in your mouth as residuals which give rise to bacteria, form cavities and leave a bad smell in your mouth. When you skip brushing daily, the residuals make home in your mouth and further affect your oral health. Thus, to avoid the bacteria, bad smell and activities, you just need to develop the habit of brushing teeth in the morning and before going to bed.

Quit Smoking
When you smoke, you invite plaque, tartar, bad breath, discolored teeth, tooth loss, periodontal disease/s, lung, mouth and throat cancers, etc. The solution to avoid these heinous and dreadful oral issues is to quit smoking. Kickoff your new year by quitting the habit of smoking if you love your teeth and want a bright smile.

Say No to Junk Food and Fizzy Drinks
Health experts suggest that Junk food is the main cause of obesity among youngsters. Dentists also consider fast food enemy of our oral health as this food gives rise to cavities and makes teeth sensitive. Similarly, the fizzy drinks that are great taste wise are extremely harmful for teeth. The composition of fizzy drinks contain certain elements that form cavities and impair teeth.

As Junk food and fizzy drinks both are detrimental, be determined to quit both this year.

Don’t Linger on with Aching Tooth
Whether you have teeth sensitivity or any kind of sensation in mouth, whether you have pain in tooth or a bleeding gum, you should immediately visit the dentist. Once teeth start decaying, lingering on with them only make the situation worse. For instance, a cavity gets bigger and serious when one delays the treatment. Thus, immediate treatment saves one from bigger dental problems and prolonged pain. So, if you have any oral issue and you have been delaying it, get that fixed today as your New Year resolution.

Transferring Good Habits
Being parent or an elder in the family, you can develop good oral habits and transfer them in the young generation. When you quit smoking, your children and family will understand the consequences of smoking and its negatives effects on their teeth. Similarly, when adults make brushing teeth twice a day their habit, they can easily inculcate this practice in their children. Thus, the adults in a family can play a significant role in transferring teeth-care habits by following and sticking to these resolutions.

Health of your teeth depends on your determination and will and the efforts you make to prevent them from decaying. Therefore, this year, follow these oral care resolutions to overcome oral issues.

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