The gut is your largest sensory organ, and 80% of your immune system is there! So, it becomes advantageous to be intentional about it and protect it.

By Catalina Quintero – Certified Holistic Health Coach and Team Beachbody Coach

PROTECT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM With ProbioticsStrengthening your gut lining is very important to avoid disease and protect your immune system. One of the ways is to include probiotic supplements in your diet. Have you heard of probiotics? Chances are you have. Probiotics are living organisms that are beneficial to your health when administered n adequate amounts. The concept that good bacteria is good for your gut has been around for a long time. Due to our modern lifestyle full antibiotics, antibacterial products, and poor dietary choices, the average person has a reduced amount of this bacteria in this bacteria in their gut. The abundance of this good bacteria is so essential, so by including probiotics in your diet and supporting the life of your gut bacteria, you are also supporting your health and vitality.

There are so many options on the shelves that choosing one can be a confusing and challenging task. Selecting a probiotic can be a trial and error process, so keep notes of what works and what doesn’t.

What’s your goal?
• Do you have existing gut issues? This typically requires a higher dose and a more specific probiotic. Therefore, this should be overseen by a medical practitioner.

• Or, are you relatively healthy and looking for maintenance? In this instance, a consumer brand may be a good option for you.

How to read the label of a probiotic supplement:
Probiotic bacteria are named and categorized by genus, species, and strain. When looking at a label for a probiotic, you’ll find each bacterium in that formula listed. The genus is the first word in the name of a probiotic bacteria. The species is the second word in the name. The strain is a series of numbers or letters or a combination of the two. The strain follows the species name. This typically reflects the company that manufactured the strain. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the most common types of bacteria found in commercial probiotic supplements.

Probiotic Myths:
Myth # 1: Probiotics do not survive stomach acid. It is true that most probiotics don’t survive the acidic ph of the stomach, but there are technologies that protect against this. Look for encapsulated technology that protects against this. Even though the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium don’t colonize in the GI Tract (transient), they provide significant benefits. Transient probiotics need to be taken regularly because of this.

Myth #2: There are so many bacteria in your stomach, that adding a few more is pointless. Remember, the overall goal is to support a healthy microbiome. Probiotics can swap genes with the existing probiotics, and they can stimulate the immune system. They can also influence inflammation. Probiotics can neutralize toxins that may be contributing to a leaky gut. Introducing new bacteria regularly will support these functions even if they are just passing through for a visit.

Myth #3: Supplements are not necessary. Why not just eat some yogurt? Most of our yogurt is commercialized, which means pasteurized, so the bacteria are killed, and the product is filled with sugar. Our gut doesn’t need any extra sugar. You may still receive some probiotics, but yogurt itself is not a probiotic. Natural and homemade yogurt is excellent, however for probiotics to stimulate your immune system, they must be present in large amounts that cannot be provided by yogurt.

Myth #4: Fermented food have more bacterial variety than probiotics, making supplements inferior. At this time, there are just a few bacterial strains that are officially considered probiotic. Fermented foods are great, but they cannot deliver therapeutic doses of live bacteria. Many probiotics are based on particular beneficial strains like Lactobacillus, which may be lacking in the gut. Adding in these specific strains may help the gut rebuild and attain balance.

As popular as probiotics have become, misinformation still exists, and reaching out to a health coach for advice might help you understand what probiotics do and the health benefits of taking them. Probiotics have taken off in recent years as a health craze in an attempt to restore our health and nurture a healthy microbiome that has been damaged by our modern lifestyle. Now that you realize the importance of probiotics be a savvy consumer and choose the right probiotic for you.

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