Take Proper Care of Your Body’s Biggest Organ

under the care of a medical esthetician

Take Proper CareTransforming your skin can change your life and doing so is easy with Facial Esthetique’s line of Visão MD cellular healing skin care products. Under the direction of Dr. Eric Reed and Medical Esthetician Grace Reed, Facial Esthetique offers leading-edge cellular skin renewal care.

Grace understands that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the products you choose to put on your skin need to be “results” based and not just “the latest fad” products.  In order to reverse years of damage to your skin cellular change must occur.
A variety of treatments and products are used to protect skin from environmental hazards and combat fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull, uneven skin tone. Facial Esthetique has chosen Visão MD products because they contain the highest quality skin care ingredients, in the best concentrations designed to stimulate collagen production, exfoliation, and refine the texture of skin combined with modulation of sebum (skin oil) production.

Experience skin care as you never have before with skin care products like the Visão MD Brilliance Peel. This peel effectively addresses moderate skin conditions. The proprietary medical grade formulation penetrates the surface of the skin and evenly exfoliates the epidermis revealing radiant new skin that lies beneath the build up and environmental effects of time.

The Visão MD Brilliance Peel offers significant consistent predictable improvements in the health and appearance of your skin with no “downtime” visible in just one treatment.

Visão MD products enhance the repair of skin sun damage and solar pigmentation, plus increases the skin’s natural hydration process.  Learn more about Visão MD and skin renewal treatments available by calling the skin care professionals at Facial Esthetique at 239-333-3223.

Why Should You Choose A Medical
Esthetics is the application of various treatments to the skin, to maintain its health and vitality. Estheticians are trained in skin wellness, helping their clients balance oil and moisture content and achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. As well as various facial treatments, Estheticians are also skilled in managing conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and dry skin, to name just a few. And finally, skin care treatments are wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. If smooth, healthy skin is your goal, visiting a skin care professional can benefit you.

Skin treatments performed by estheticians are used to maintain a youthful appearance, improve the skin’s appearance or help people whose skin has been affected by disease, trauma or a medical procedure such as facial surgery. Although medical estheticians and spa estheticians perform some of the same procedures, medical estheticians generally have more training. Like Grace, many medical estheticians have a background in a health-care profession.

It is always a good idea to schedule a consultation appointment prior to your first treatment, especially if you are new to esthetic treatments. This gives you and your medical esthetician a chance to discuss your goals and expectations for the first visit, and long-term goals for the future. During a consultation at Facial Esthetique, Grace will perform a detailed skin analysis. This will provide the information needed to create an individualized treatment plan, both for a series of professional treatments and recommendations for products you can use at home.

Through medically directed skin care under the direction of Dr. Reed and Grace, we can help you turn back the hands of time to healthier, youthful skin. Call 239-333-3223 today for your free consultation.

Grace Reed, Medical Esthetician
Grace has been a Certified Surgical Assistant for 22 years and expanded her functions as a Certified Medical Esthetician. Grace has been exposed to a wide range of surgical procedures. She has a Bachelor of Science with a well-rounded liberal and business background. In addition to her education she has extensive training in medical based skin care. This provides her with a unique mix of clinical, scientific, and practical experience. Working with progressive, board certified surgeons in New York and Florida has helped her gain a greater understanding of the skin and its underlying structure. Grace enjoys educating and caring for patients through the pre-operative and post-operative phases of their treatment. Through this unique process she has developed a keen understanding of the vital importance that skin care has on the patients overall well-being and their youthful appearance.

The skin must be in a healthy state in order to delay the onset of aging, and that is what Grace strives to achieve.


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