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Physical Therapists Help Diabetic Patients Through Beneficial Exercises

Diabetes is a very prevalent metabolic disorder effecting over 30 million Americans and over 380 million people world-wide. It is a condition that causes high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood effecting many systems in the body which can lead to multiple health problems. It can occur in any one, at any age. As this condition progresses, physical limitations can occur such as weakness, poor endurance, obesity, poor balance, pain, and limited mobility.

Possible Complications from Diabetes include:
. Heart Disease
. Stroke
. High Blood Pressure
. Retinopathy (visual deficits)
. Kidney Disease
. Neuropathy (foot and hand pain, inner ear nerve damage causing balance issues)
. Peripheral Vascular Disease (poor circulation)
. Skin problems due to poor healing
. Amputations
. Reduced muscle strength and physical function
. Increased fall risk

Exercise and Diabetes:
According to the American Diabetes Association, the benefits of physical activity for the patient with type 2 diabetes are substantial, and recent studies strengthen the importance of long-term physical activity programs for the treatment and prevention of this common condition and its complications.

To properly manage Diabetes, a team consisting of the physician, nurse, dietitian and patient, along with the physical therapist, coordinate care to maximize the patient’s overall health, wellness and function throughout their life time.

Diabetic patients should be routinely monitoring their blood sugar levels, exercising daily, and seeing their physician regularly to medically manage their condition. If you are not diabetic, it is important to be aware of signs and symptoms of Diabetes and see your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms below.

Symptoms to be aware of include:
-increased thirst
-frequent urination
-tingling, burning, or numbness in feet and hands
-blurred vision
-pain in joints or muscles
-cramping in legs when walking

When to see a physical therapist:
If you recognize any decrease in your function, safety, balance, strength, endurance, or notice any tingling or pain especially in hands and feet, see your doctor and discuss your condition and the possibility of getting a referral for physical therapy to address these concerns. It is extremely beneficial to see a physical therapist, who is extensively trained in neuro-musculoskeletal physiology to guide patients safely through appropriate exercise and rehabilitation.

Physical therapists will assess your strength, flexibility, endurance, gait, and balance and customize your program accounting for and addressing your pre-existing conditions. Based on their findings, they will choose specific exercises and treatments to help you manage your condition, minimize pain and maximize your function.

Palm Coast PT
Palm Coast PT’s personalized approach is a big key to their success at creating lasting patient and physician relationships. They offer one-on-one patient care and develop treatment programs based on each individual’s needs. Their two Doctors of Physical Therapy solely provide treatment. They not only focus specifically on the patient’s treatment diagnosis but also on the body as a whole, giving patients high-quality outcomes with fewer therapy visits required. They believe in clinical excellence with a strong focus on continuing education and manual therapy. They have extensive training in manual therapy, orthopedics, vestibular (balance and dizziness) rehabilitation, and neuromuscular re-education (addressing stroke and neurological conditions), giving them a solid foundation to treat all musculoskeletal disorders with high patient satisfaction.

Palm Coast PT’s warm and friendly clinic is privately owned and operated by a physical therapist, which enables them to focus on individualized, high-quality patient care. They believe in the “patient first” mentality and focus on creating a sense of well-being for all of their patients. Palm Coast PT’s patients are like family, and they give them the very best of care!

To begin your journey to healing, contact them today at (239) 430-0123 or visit

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