Lower Back Pain: Find out why Alternative Therapies are the Answer You’ve Been Looking for

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Lower Back Pain: We all have aches and pains from time to time, but depending on your overall health, age and physical capability, standard medicine is often not enough. Patients are being overmedicated with prescriptions and receiving unnecessary procedures.

80 percent of adults will fall victim to painful disorders of their lower backs at some point in their lives. It is the most common cause of disability for people under the age of 45, and second only to the common cold as a cause for a visit to the doctor. Back disorders account for nearly a third of the occupational injuries involved in lost work time.

A healthy and strong lower back is critical for virtually every activity of normal daily living, like sitting, squatting, lifting and walking. The lower back takes a lot of strain and stress during daily activities.

A variety of factors can cause lower back problems, such as genetic predisposition, old age, disuse and injury. Over time, the loss of muscle mass, bone mass, and strength in the lower back occurs. As the strength in the lumbar muscles fades, the force of gravity overwhelms the muscular support structure, and as a result, the spaces between the vertebrae start to narrow.

When you’re dealing with chronic back pain, little else in life can be enjoyed. The agonizing and sometimes debilitating discomfort can cause us to lose out on the important things, like spending time with our families, being productive at work and even the simplest daily activities can require monumental strength to muster through them. One of the most widespread causes of lower back pain is osteoarthritis of the spine. This causes the joints and discs cartilage to break down. Often times, bone spurs will occur, which lead to nerve pressure on the spinal column. Nerve pain will cause numbness, weakness, pain and tingling in the arms, neck, and legs.

When pain medications, NSAID’s, physical therapy and other alternative treatments nose-
dive, patients should know that a minimally invasive procedure is commonly used to treat the nerves in the lower back effectively.

Back in Motion physical therapy of Fort Myers, treats many disorders including these common back issues:
• Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
• Disc problems
• Spine Surgery Rehab
• Arthritis
• Sprain/Strains
• Sciatica/Lumbago
• Scoliosis

Alternative Therapies that are 100% drug free—WORK!
The Gray Method™:
Back In Motion Physical Therapy is the only medical provider to offer this revolutionary healing therapy known as the Gray Method™. Carefully selected treatment protocols, which stimulate the body to repair itself naturally at a remarkably fast rate, promote regenerative properties and complete the natural healing process quickly and effectively.

Back In Motion Physical Therapy provides personalized, and revolutionary treatments that helps their patients regain function by decreasing pain and improving strength and confidence.

Dr. Scott Gray is a world renowned physical therapist specializing in conservative and non-invasive treatment of athletic, sport, and spine injuries.

He invented a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation that no other physical therapists, chiropractors, or physicians offer which is called the “Gray Method”.

Dr. Gray has seen amazing results with the Gray Method™, as it is a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation called the Gray Method. This unique treatment accurately diagnoses the condition, and fixes the root cause—not just the symptoms. The Gray Method™ helps Dr. Gray get people get moving faster and more pain-free.

What to Expect:
• A free assessment where we test you to determine the problem;
• A prescription of the therapy you need;
• We educate you about how to move to avoid irritating the problem;
• We give you at-home exercises so you  continue to make good therapeutic progress;
• All your questions are answered;
• We also have something unheard of —a 100%  No Risk


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