An Orthopaedic Surgeon Can Make a Tremendous Difference in the Quality of Your Foot and Ankle Care!

An Orthopaedic SurgeonAn orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle problems can make a huge difference. I am Dr. Myles Rubin Samotin, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon fully trained in taking care of all extremities from the shoulders to the fingers, from the hips down to the toes.

In addition to a very lengthy training and specialization in orthopedics, I am subspecialty and fellowship trained in foot and ankle problems, and for the past 17 years in Southwest Florida, I have taken care of everything from the simplest to the most complex foot and ankle problems. I am originally from New York City, trained at some of the best orthopedic institutions in the world including Columbia, SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, Maimonides Medical Center, and the Hospital for Joint Diseases, a world-renown orthopedic institution located in New York City. I am currently Board Certified, and I recently passed my recertification examination with flying colors.

I am a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and I am in excellent standing. In my younger years, I attended the Julliard School of Music and have been a serious pianist for many years. Today I mostly play the piano for my private fun and relaxation, but every year I participate in the physician’s talent show in Collier County and not only donate my time but also a lot of money to helping the underinsured get the health care that they need. I grew up seeing my grandmother lose both of her legs as a result of rotten care given to her by a podiatrist. This was the kernel that inspired me to specialize in foot and ankle problems, and through my orthopedic training, I have shown that there is an alternative that can do very well for patients.

More than 50% of the foot and ankle surgeries that I do are fixing the botched up surgeries that are done in this area. No surgeon’s results can be perfect, but my results are excellent. My infection and complication rate have always been and continue to be extremely low. I handle everything from bunion and hammer toe correction to neuroma excision to advanced arthritis in the foot and ankle, tendon disorders, flat foot deformity, Achilles tendon problems, fracture work. I have made a difference in thousands of patient’s lives in the Southwest Florida area, and if you have a foot and ankle problem, I would like the opportunity to make a difference in yours.

Please contact our office if you have the need at 941-661-6757. We will treat you like family and will do our best to give you the best care possible.

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