Nutrition Choices to Opt Out of Aging!

By Tammy Provence, Founder of Good2Go Healthy Take Out  –

Nutrition Choices to Opt Out of Aging!A couple of years ago, I attended a medical lecture by Dr. Lair Ribeiro, a Brazilian cardiologist that is world renowned for his expertise in longevity. In his dynamic presentation, Dr. Ribeiro outlined a very simple plan that anyone can follow to remain youthful or reverse the aging and disease processes with some simple lifestyle changes. But it requires awareness.

A how to list is below, but first, the basics of the aging process:

Aging is a combination of oxidation and inflammation
Ever have your car paint get dull from sitting out in the elements? That’s what happens to your body as well! Oxidative stress is the result of a myriad of assaults on the body from exposure to chemicals in foods, health and beauty products, the clothes we wear, the dryer sheets we use, the bug spray we use to kill critters, pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic vitamins, auto emissions, environmental and man-made radiation, on and on. Chemicals, radiation and electromagnetics are EVERYWHERE and they assault your immune system, oxydizing you and making you susceptible to disease.

Inflammation is a side effect of your body becoming acidic. The food we choose such processed, contaminated food, the nemesis of the American diet, is highly acidic. Sugar laden beverages, food-in-a-box and fast foods contain a who’s who of chemicals and additives that cause inflammation, robbing you of your health by assaulting your immune system. Being acid creates an environment for disease. Chronic and autoimmune conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, IBS and Crone’s, even cancer are associated with acidity and are inflammatory. Reverse acidity with diet and you reverse inflammation.

So where do you start on the road to anti-aging? Begin by shifting to a no simple-carb, high protein/high complex carb diet of organic, whole, unprocessed foods. Dr. Ribeiro recommends the Paleo food plan. By doing this, you will get lean, be allergy free, look and feel younger and reverse chronic disease.

What are some of Dr. Ribeiro’s additional tips for longevity?

  • Avoid radiation and electromagnetics. Use your cell phone on speaker mode and keep away from your body. Stay clear of prolonged exposure to electronics and unnecessary medical testing;
  • Don’t take drugs…prescription or recreational. Never smoke;
  • Don’t bathe too frequently and use commercial soaps, etc. with toxic fragrances and chemicals that strip your skin of its natural immune defense. Plus, the chemicals get into your blood stream in seconds;
  • Eat clean, simple foods and take very high quality supplements;
  • Look into plant based bio identical hormone replacements.

Finally, believe in perfect health and have a youthful attitude! Okay, well Dr. Ribeiro didn’t say this, but Dr. Bruce Lipton did in ‘The Biology of Belief’. If you create a mindset of wellness, you can replace your health destroying choices with anti-aging habits. The results will amaze you!

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