New Balance: New Year’s Fitness Goals

New Balance: New Year’s Fitness GoalsIn fitness you can either be in competition with others or yourself, and one critical goal to set this year is to just be better today than you were in the past. There are steps that individuals choose to make to meet their fitness goals and they are absolutely essential for success.

What are the steps necessary to stay the course?

1. Planning and Preparation
As a whole, it’s important to make plans and write out how you will achieve your goals in all facets of life. With exercise, make realistic goals that you know are achievable. Don’t set out to run a 10K, if you’ve never ran more than the 100 yard dash back in grammar school. Taking the stairs, parking further away from the store, walking the dog a little further or jogging on a treadmill at a slow pace are great ways to begin your journey to a healthier New Year!

2. Actions
On the first day, start out slow, listen to your body and don’t forget to stretch. Stretching after your body is warmed up is best and it’s important to stretch again after your cool down. This will help to alleviate any injury or pain. Make sure to have the appropriate clothing and shoes that suit your workouts and support your body.

3. Tweaking the Plan
Whether you need to adjust your routine by takin git down a notch, or by bumping it up, your body will let you know what to do. Listen to it. If you feel dizzy or nauseas after a workout, that’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down. The same goes for pain or being breathless. Adjusting your workouts to suit your needs is critical to being successful.

4. Maintenance
If you have a week, were you were unable to fit your exercise in, it’s okay, just get back on track as soon as your schedule permits.

When it comes to exercise, there are many options to suit individual needs. Just as people are unique, their exercise programs should be fitting and customized to them specifically. It’s important to take your overall health into consideration and your ability when you first embark on any exercise program. Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk or a 30-minute swim. Exercise increases circulation and improves nutrient, oxygen rich blood flow to help you build stamina, strength and increase your metabolism. If you can work out harder, it’s extremely beneficial to get your heart rate up daily with cardiovascular exercise.

New Balance offers numerous types and styles of sneakers and they are also a well-sought after brand athletes, weekend warriors, the aging population, and almost anyone in between. There are multiple styles, variances of arch support, cushioned soles, mesh, leather and the list goes on and on.

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