Neurofeedback Therapy to Improve Your Putting and Health

By Robert W. Long,  President, Nova Coaches and Nova Medical SWF, Inc.

The subconscious is the single most powerful part of the human mind. Unless you are seriously ill, you don’t have to remember to perform unconscious tasks like breathing, digesting food, riding a bicycle or driving a car; so, why not install the things you want to remember as unconscious programming. The subconscious mind gets programmed through repetition, visualization or a traumatic life experience. You can learn to remember this way through years of consistent practice, or overnight with neurofeedback combined with entrainment. It may seem like common sense to say that mental approaches are as crucial as physical skills in the game of golf. Improving your putting game is a great way to lower your golf scores quickly and dramatically. Mastering your putting game is simple once you know the right techniques and possess relaxed focus and confidence (get automatically into “The Zone”). Putting is not dependent on athletic ability, anyone can do it. You may not be able to drive 300 yards, but you can sink more 10 foot putts and eliminate 3 putts.

Unconscious Programming Improves Concentration and Confidence

With Neurofeedback and Entrainment, in addition to the specifics of putting, you will receive unconscious programming to improve your concentration and confidence. You will be able to automatically get “in the zone” every time you stand over a putt. Health benefits include more energy and better sleep.

What is Neurofeedback?

The NeuroIntegration System is a ground-breaking approach in that it improves brain function. We use a technology called photic response to teach the brain what frequency it is supposed to be on. Photic response helps train the brain into producing new and more efficient brainwave patterns using auditory and visual stimulation. No surgery or invasive methods are used with this system, and your brain is able to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful, long lasting results.

Retraining the Brain

NeuroIntegrative Feedback interrupts ineffective mental patterns, correcting the neural pathways inside the brain. By monitoring the electrical activity in the brain, we are able to enhance positive brain activity and inhibit negative activity. By balancing the brain, new patterns are allowed to break through old patterns, which are responsible for causing a wide variety of disorders, including memory loss. NeuroIntegration Therapy has been proven to be a very powerful technique for improving brain functions and supporting normal brain neurochemistry by balancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and other neuropeptides.

What is NeuroIntegration Therapy?
Establishing Proper Pathways

Often areas of our brains are operating sub-optimally (either too fast or too slow). These patterns can easily become engrained, affecting our perception and locking us into automatic and habitual patterns of behavior. This prevents us from accessing a full range of mental experiences and negatively impacts our quality of life. Fortunately, regardless of age, your brain is always capable of learning.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

While you relax, your technician will attach very thin leads that transmit electrical energy from your brain into an EEG device. A special gel is used to comfortably hold the leads in place. You will then use brain waves to alter what is happening to an instructional visual display on a computer screen. You will use your brain waves to play a DVD. Your brain perceives certain activities as a reward, and with this positive reinforcement, will increasingly choose to use the desired waves, putting you “in the zone” until eventually the changes in brain function become permanent. Neurofeedback treatment is noninvasive, comfortable, and considered by many patients to be quite relaxing. Better golf scores and health are as little as 3 treatments away.

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