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Get Moving During National Physical Therapy Month!

Get MovingOctober is the month we appreciate the many ways physical therapists can help improve our quality of life by rehabilitating and recovering our ability to move. Let’s celebrate our remarkable physical therapists by dancing! This is our opportunity to reach out to our community and educate them on the value of physical therapy.

Ballroom dance benefits may surprise you. When many hear the word “dance,” recreation and leisure come to mind. Who knew leisure would also be beneficial exercise! In October, we recognize how important exercise is for the longevity and quality of life. We are all aware we should exercise, but don’t enjoy going to the gym – try ballroom dancing! Ballroom dancing gets your heart rate up, improve your flexibility and coordination, and use muscles you didn’t even know existed! Not only is ballroom dancing ideal for our physical condition, it is optimal for brain health.

Ballroom dance has frequently reduced the risk of dementia by 76%! Dance is found to be more beneficial than doing crossword puzzles, which only had 47% reduced risk, reading at 35% reduced risk, or playing golf (0% reduced risk.)

Ballroom dancing can improve our overall health by incorporating the emotional expression and creativity that comes with dance as an art form, and the physical fitness and health benefits of conventional exercise. This means that dance and movement therapy can be altered easily to suit each individual needs, and it is this adaptability that makes this type of therapy ideal.

For example, the effects of Salsa dance as a primary physical therapy intervention showed a strong improvement in range of motion, strength, balance, functional mobility, gait distance, and speed. One particular physical therapy patient experienced numerous falls per day; however, only one fall was reported during therapy and no falls were reported 6 months post intervention of Salsa dance. The meaningful effects of Salsa dance therapy as a primary course of intervention and its impact on functional recovery is considered significantly valuable.

A very popular dance, The Tango, is one of the most beneficial dances for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s condition stems from a loss of neurons, a problem that interrupts messages meant for the motor cortex of the brain. As a result, patients experience tremors, rigidity and difficulty initiating movements. When Tango dance therapy was compared to exercise class therapy, the tango dancers had better balance and higher scores on the Get Up and Go test, which identifies those at risk for falling.

The social interaction and concentration dancing requires, and the increased self-confidence from learning a new skill, improves mood and physical health drastically.

Mind Your Body & Dance
Yourself Happy!

Dance with us at Enchanted Ballroom this
October in celebration of National
Physical Therapy Month!

Enchanted Ballroom
26821 South Bay Dr., Suite 110
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
(239) 908 – 9492

Open Group Classes – Drop ins welcome!

Tuesdays at 6PM
Swing for Beginners

Thursdays at 6PM
Beginner Ballroom

Dance Party
Every Third Thursday of the Month
October 15th, 2015 at 7PM
$10 per person
Everyone is welcome!

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