“Medical Breakthrough Has Changed Lives For Those Suffering From Back Pain… Without Drugs or Surgery!”

For a limited time experience this medical marvel for FREE as part of an exclusive trial offer.

Medical BreakthroughThere are precious few medical breakthroughs so amazing that they literally change the established course of an entire field of medicine. But just as LASIK surgery revolutionized optometry, there is a procedure called Vax-D Therapy that has revolutionizing the field of spinal care. Vax-D Therapy is possibly the most significant medical breakthrough in the treatment of chronic low back and neck pain, ever. You might be asking yourself already “will this help me”. It’s highly likely that it could. But before we discuss Vax-D Therapy further, let us consider the conditions it has already proven so effective for: chronic low-back and neck pain.

• Back pain is the leading cause of physical disability in the United States.
• Experts estimate that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point.
• At any given moment, over 50 million Americans suffer from back pain.
• Back pain accounts for 550 million sick days a year.
• Back pain is the second leading reason for emergency room visits (pregnancy is first).

Back pain has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Research into the care of back pain garners countless amounts of time, energy, and money from both the government and the medical community. Even with those expenditures of resources, long-term successful treatment options have remained largely ineffective. Until the advent of Vax-D Therapy, options for treating those who suffer chronic back and neck pain were largely limited to:

Drugs: Physical Therapy can actually increase pressure on the intervertebral disc. When PT does not provide pain relief, many seek help from the field of pharmacology in hopes that a “magic pill” might provide relief. Many over the counter and prescription drugs have been proven to reduce pain and decrease inflammation in back pain sufferers. Unfortunately, these results are oftentimes only temporary because the drug is treating the symptoms and not the actual root cause of the pain. In addition to this, many drugs used to treat back pain have severe side effects such as: kidney failure, stomach ulceration, liver toxicity and even risk of addiction. Also, many of these drugs should not be taken if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or osteoporosis. If you are using drugs to control your back pain or neck pain and would prefer a safe, effective, natural solution you may be a candidate for Vax-D Therapy.

Surgery: When less invasive alternatives fail, many are told surgery is their only option. Common spinal surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars despite their poor outcomes. There is research stating that as little as 14 of back surgeries are actually effective in significantly reducing pain. Additionally, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that 51% of all back surgery in unnecessary. *If you are scheduled for back surgery, or worse, have had back surgery that was unsuccessful, you still may be a candidate for Vax-D Therapy.

The magnitude of back pain is clear, as well as the poor outcomes to common available treatments. But before we discuss the medical breakthrough that just may save you from surgery, let’s consider another important factor, the cost. The Journal of The American Medical Association reports that US back pain sufferers spend $85.9 billion a year on the treatment of their back pain and related symptoms! Additionally, JAMA reports that the average American suffering from back pain spends $6,090 a year in out of pocket costs for the treatment and care of their pain!

Now what if I told you that you could try this medical miracle for FREE? That’s right, FREE with no obligation. There is a local clinic that like you is also fed up with the high costs and low success rates associated with the traditional treatment options for chronic back pain. Simply Spine Centers is a state-of-the-art spinal wellness center right here in Bonita Springs and it focuses on one thing, Making Spinal Care Simple for its patients.

Vax-D Therapy is just one of over 18 healing amenities Simply Spine has in its treatment arsenal but it is the only one that’s been shown to successfully decompress spinal discs. Vax-D Therapy is 86% effective in treating herniated or ruptured discs according to the American Journal of Pain Management (AJPM).

Vax-D stands from Vertebral Axial Decompression and it has helped hundreds of doctors around the world successfully reduce and even eliminate chronic back and neck pain that so many suffer with. Vax-D Therapy is a gentle, safe alternative to injections and surgery and yields tremendously positive results for most. The treatment session works by lying down on a table that you are harnessed to, the table then gently pulls your upper and lower body apart relieving pressure on the spinal discs. This approach decompresses the spine reversing the negative effects that injury, disease and especially compression from gravity may cause over time. It is relaxing and so comfortable that most patients fall asleep right on the table. We even have a private suite and play music during the treatment to offer a completely stress free environment.

You may have heard of traction before being utilized by doctors. But, traction typically does not work well in relieving spinal pain. In many instances, traction has been reported to actually increase back pain. Vax-D Therapy is not traction! Traction pulls on the body in a linear, constant fashion causing the muscles of the back to go into spasm, a natural reflex designed to alert you that further injury may occur. Vax-D is different because it uses an advanced computer system and biofeedback look to apply exact amounts of distraction at exact angles and with intermittent pulling cycles. It is technically called a logarithmic curve. This logarithmic curve out-smarts the muscles natural reflex in your back or neck and tricks those tissues into relaxing while the therapy is applied allowing your body to heal naturally.

Simply Spine Centers would like to share this amazing technology with the southwest Florida community. We welcome the opportunity to show you just how Vax-D works and how it can help you once again live your life free of back pain. We are now offering to demonstrate it to you completely free of charge. For a limited time, we are accepting applicants to participate in a free trial program to determine if Vax-D Therapy is right for them.

But there is one small catch. Even though this technology has helped thousands, it is not a panacea and unfortunately cannot help everyone. For this reason, we must perform a thorough consultation and MRI review with all applicants for this trial to determine if they are viable candidates for the procedure and likely to respond to the treatment. At Simply Spine Centers, we only accept those we truly believe we can help.

Because health care has become so expensive and so many Americans remain uninsured, and because some are still struggling with the weak economy, Simply Spine Centers would like to take this opportunity to give back to its community. For a limited time only, the first 17 patients that are accepted as candidates for this procedure will receive a Three-Session Free Trial of Vax-D Therapy.

There are no hidden fees, no bait and switch tactics, and no cost to you what-so-ever for your Three-Session Free Trial under this exclusive offer. This will allow you a rare opportunity to experience this non-surgical, drug free medical breakthrough first hand and see for yourself if this therapy will work for you before you spend one dollar of your hard earned money. There is hardly a better way to know for sure if something is the right fit for you than by trying it on first.

If you suffer from chronic back pain related to a herniated or bulging disc, sciatica, stenosis, facet arthrosis or simply have not been able to find a long-term solution with other treatments, you need to pick up the phone and call Simply Spine Centers at 1-800-596-3083 right now! When we answer the phone, simply tell us you would like to receive your Three-Session Free Trial of Vax-D Therapy. If you are one of the first 17 we will schedule you for a consultation with one of our doctors to determine if you are a candidate. If you are in severe pain or you are currently scheduled to have spine surgery, please tell us and we will do our best to schedule you as soon as possible.

Your consultation should take about 40 minutes. During this time you will have all of your questions answered in a warm, friendly environment. We will make sure you are informed of the exact cause of your pain and your best option for care, even in the best option for you is not Vax-D Therapy. During your visit, you are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification for

any term you may not understand. We want you to become completely educated on your specific case so that you can make and active decision regarding the care you elect for your health. Then if you qualify for Vax-D Therapy, you will be given the opportunity to experience your Three-Session Free Trial with no commitment for you to try.

Unfortunately, we do have to limit the number of candidates that we accept for this exclusive free trial program to 17. Though we do firmly believe that every patient should experience quality health care and receive the personal attention and respect that they truly deserve. No one is treated like a number at Simply Spine Centers. We strive to treat every visitor to our clinic like family. The decision to begin treatment is a crucial one and is left with you, the patient, where it belongs. Never accept an ultimatum from a health care provider and remember that any good physician always offers all of the available options. If you or a loved one has been given an ultimatum by another doctor, please do not worry. You may have more choices than you are aware of. Feel free to call Simply Spine Center doctors anytime at 1-800-596-3083 and ask for a free second opinion.

If you are not sure if calling for your case to be evaluated by our doctors is worth your time, maybe reading how Vax-D Therapy has impacted the lives of so many will give you additional confidence to do so. Patients like Carol:
“I suffered from chronic back pain for nearly11 years. I tried everything from Chiropractors, Acupuncture, Epidural Steroid Injections and Physical Therapy. While some things helped temporarily, nothing eased my pain for long. I heard about Vax-D Therapy from a co-worker who also suffered from debilitating lower back pain and he felt normal again after treatment, so when I saw a brochure, I figured I’d give  it a try. I was a little skeptical, but I tried to remain open-minded and I was more than ready for something that would help me now. Now I am at the end of my treatment and I feel great. I can get out of bed in the morning and I’m pain free. I can stand and sit for longer periods of time and enjoy many of the things I previously couldn’t. All in all, I feel like a new person!” ~ Carol D.

We remember how moved we were when Walter shared his story with us:
“I picked up the Sunday paper and saw an advertisement in it that you can do something for pain in the back and in the legs. I decided to give you a call and from then on we started to do this treatment. When I first came here, I had to use a cane. I had pain in my legs and in my back. Now, I feel like a million dollars. I can walk long distance without using a cane. In fact, I haven’t used a cane in a couple of weeks already. I feel real good. I am proud of you. You did a real good job on me.” ~ Walter D.

Carol & Walter got to once again experience a life free from back pain following their Vax-D Therapy. It is typical that most of our patients thank us for helping them. In fact, we experience the gratification of hearing great stories like these all of the time and the genuine appreciation that is given to us. Offering this free trial is our way of saying “THANK YOU” to those that have trusted us with their care over the years and to this great community that supports us.

One last thing, ever since adding Vax-D Therapy to Simply Spine Centers’ treatment amenities, our phones have been ringing off the hook. We added extra lines to try and accommodate the additional traffic, but sometimes it is just too much to handle. For that reason, if you call and the line is busy or if you receive voice mail please keep calling back. The possibility of living pain free again and getting your quality of life back is well worth the time and effort it might take to get a hold of us so that we can schedule your consultation. Help is just one phone call away… 1-800-596-3083. While you are trying to reach is if you have a computer visit SimplySpineCenters.com where you can learn more about Vax- D Therapy and read even more success stories from people just like you. You can also e-mail us at DrC@SimplySpineCenters.com.

*This three-session free trial of Vax-D Therapy is valued over $600 and is available only on a first-come, first- serve basis for the first 17 candidates. Unfortunately, not all individuals will qualify for Vax-D Therapy.
**Due to federal law some Medicare recipients may not be eligible for this offer.
***Testimonials appearing in this advertisement represent typical outcomes, which have been mostly favorable. However, there is no guarantee that this procedure will work for everyone. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is an adjunctive procedure to chiropractic adjustments. At Simply Spine Centers, we only accept patients that are candidates for the procedure and who we truly believe we can help.

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