Local Doctor Finds a New Career and “Changes People’s Lives”

Local Doctor Finds a New CareerDr. Kim Winsey received her MD from NYU in 1982 and then trained as a general surgeon at Montefiore Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After 2 years of practicing and teaching at Downstate Medical Center, she moved to Sarasota with her then husband, who was a cardiologist and her 10 day old son. She opened a private practice in general surgery. After 4 years, Dr. Winsey decided to retire and stay home when her oldest son was diagnosed with an unknown, possibly progressive neurological disorder.

After her third child Dr. Winsey had a some extra weight from the pregnancy that just would not come off. Her sister recommended the “Take Shape for Life” program and Dr. Winsey connected right away. “The program really changes people’s lives. We have so many diseases in this country that can be alleviated or even eliminated by exercise and changing the habits of what and how we eat.” Dr. Winsey explained. She found herself recommending the program to colleagues and friends, who had noticed her weight loss. That is when her sister suggested that Dr.Winsey become a health coach. It was a simple transition, as she was already an advocate for the program and she realized that so many former patients, colleagues and friends, could benefit from a healthy lifestyle. “We have an enormous crisis in this country relating to the rampant obesity and its toll on our health and healthcare costs. We all know what we “should”, do, but we need an easy, healthy, effective way to do it and make it stick. Take Shape For Life provides this program along with a free health coach to walk beside you and help you take charge of your own health.”

Since she had divorced during that time and her son had many expenses related to his condition, which tragically appeared to be worsening, It also seemed like an excellent opportunity to make money from home. She watched her sister do it and was impressed, “The company really takes care of their people, it is principled and focused on the ultimate goal of a healthier America.” Dr. Winsey said. She worked hard and built up a good group of clients when some devastating news hit the family. Her son’s condition was deteriorating much more rapidly than they had imagined and he was needing more and more care, making it harder and harder for her to leave the house. His condition progressed to requiring fulltime care. During these painful few years as she cared for her dying son, and then after he passed away in 2011, she only had the ability to coach the clients she already had and whatever referrals they sent. This is where her hard work as a health coach paid off. She maintained many of her clients during those years and the residual income really helped her family through.

When the time came to restart her career she decided the Take Shape for Life program worked so well for her during that trying time that it must be something substantial and worth focusing on. Dr. Winsey is a fulltime health coach with Take Shape for Life and it has been a rewarding career change. Dr. Winsey said “This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change, which is the only effective way to actually maintain weight loss. 85% of people who diet, gain their weight back within 2 years, and most diets and more drastic solutions like weight loss surgery don’t teach you how to eat after you have lost your weight, we do, and we coach you every step of the way.”

If you would like to lose some weight and get healthier give Dr. Winsey a call at 941 350-3503, or visit her website at www.drkimwinsey.tsfl.com explore. If you have a passion for health and want to help others around you get healthier you may want to consider being a health coach. For more information on being a health coach call Jill Greber at 941.302.3613.

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