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LIFE IS IN THE BLOODWe are What We Digest
The condition of your blood determines if your immune system is working properly. Our immune system has to last us a lifetime. How we take care of our immune system is very important. Your blood is a medium. Its pH is around 7.3, anything above or below will affect how your cells are bathed. From the moment we are conceived to our time of passing, the amounts of oxygen and nutrients in the blood promote our quality of life and give our cells a life span. Introducing foreign elements such as chemicals, bad bacteria, viruses, toxic food and preservatives to our blood all promote the breakdown of our cells, our body, and our health until we aren’t functioning properly. That is when the pain, indigestion, sleepless nights, weight gain, weight loss, hair loss, skin issues, vascular issues and so much more that lead to serious diseases start to set in.

The microscope is a tool used to view the blood and educate on the disease process. By looking at the blood immediately after taking a droplet of blood from a finger, numerous forms in the blood become apparent. How your cells look, the shape they have taken, how they are moving, and what is in the fluids surrounding the cells reflect your state of health.

Every function of the human body relies on enzymes. A human body produces thousands of its own enzymes to assist in the function of not only digestion but the immune system, nervous system, reproductions and more importantly, the production of blood cells. As we age and the more stress we carry, our body doesn’t have enough enzymes to keep our systems working properly. By not eating properly and eating foods we are “sensitive” or allergic to, we are further destroying our cells. For example, once we heat our foods about 118 degrees, using salts, microwaves, and deep fryers, enzymes are destroyed.

So What Should One Do?
One answer is Aspergillus enzymes. These work in a broad pH range from 2-11 which means they work on the entire digestive tract. There are other disorders that you can view from a droplet of your blood under a microscope. Candida is an overgrowth of fungus. Since the body will prioritize its digestion over maintaining it’s health, enzymes are depleted from the immune system to try to combat the issue. Unfortunately, a person cannot eat enough of the proper enzyme to combat this issue and it needs to be supplemented in.

Parasites enter the blood through improperly prepared food or foods that sit for a long duration of time in food storage cases. These tiny critters can be seen swimming and jumping around in your blood. I have seen cells being eaten away by several parasites with a single droplet of blood.

Constipation is caused by the colon storing toxins of improperly digested foods. The other spectrum is diarrhea. The contents in the intestines move too quickly for fluids to be absorbed. Causes vary from medications, toxins, imbalance of your electrolytes, food allergies or sensitivities. Under a microscope you can see if you have cholesterol crystals which are caused by poor digestion of fats and sugars, Aggregation of cells which is poor digestion of fats and proteins, Rouleau which is poor digestion of fats and proteins, Erythrocyte which is poor digestion of fats and proteins again, and Hemolysis and Ovalocytes are formed from poor absorption of proper vitamins.

A Droplet of Blood Can Unlock the Door
The key here is to understand that every human body functions differently. You may grill a piece of cold water trout and digest it pretty well. Other family members may not be able to digest it well because they have built up toxins in their blood against this fish or they are lacking in the proper enzymes or supplements. Here at YOLLO Wellness, (YOU ONLY LIVE LIFE ONCE) we listen to the clients on an individual basis. Taking one droplet of blood can unlock the door to clearing up many issues such as pain, bloating, acid reflex, constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, weight loss, sleepless nights, etc. To further clean up the blood and remove buildup of toxins, food sensitivity testing is available.

Learn Why Toxins Accumulate in the Blood
Stop in for your complimentary DVD which educates on why toxins accumulate in our blood and why we keep putting them back in. These are considered hidden or silent sensitivities. The use of our mild hyperbaric chambers can speed the process of detoxing the system in 5-8 Dives. We also carry a variety of pharmaceutical grade supplements and all plant base supplements from the Amazon Jungle. Our most recent product line we are featuring is PROTANDIM. It is comprised of 5 known plants (Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Green Tea, Turmeric and Ashwagandha) combined in a precise formula to neutralize free radicals 1,000,000 to 1 every second and increase Catalase production – the best kept secret for anti-aging and reduction of oxidative stress which leads to asthma, dementia, skin cancer, autism, diabetes, renal failure, and much more.


Complimentary YOLLO Wellness Events

Join us for these complimentary events to learn more about Protandim, Supplements, Live Cell, Hyperbaric treatments, NON Radiation Imaging, and food sensitivity testing.

June 7th – 12:00 – 1:00 pm: Complimentary Lunch & Event about Live Cell Digestion Analysis and why you are what you digest.

June 11th – 12:00- 1:00 pm: Complimentary Lunch & Event about your supplement intake and how Protandim can reduce
your free radicals.

June 18th – 12:00 – 1:00 Teen PhenTabz Teen World’s first TEEN Weight LOSS PILL non-prescription and ADD Tabz Adderall Replacement. Dr. Headley will educate
on weight loss and ability to focus with attention deficit.

Complimentary lunch will be served at 11:45.

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