Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage Launches Book: Top 50 Touch Tips for Couples

By Lizz Pugh, LMT –

Top 50 Touch Tips for CouplesHere is a sneak peek of my new downloadable eBook “Top 50 Touch Tips for Couples.” As a Valentine’s Day treat, I’m giving away copies of this book for a limited time.

The focus of Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage is to give patients the tools they need to carry their healing forward between sessions.  My goal in releasing this project is to help couples help each other. I’ve found that a major factor in my patient’s success is the support of their partner.

Yet often backrubs lead to arguments instead of pleasure, and to resentment instead of a deepening bond. This book will help couples improve communication, reduce stress, release tension, and enhance pleasure.

Tip #5: If you and your partner are going to massage each other, be sure to decide on the length of the massage beforehand. An hour is a very long time if you aren’t a professional. 15-20 minutes is a reasonable length for beginners.

Tip #18: Slower movements feel less intense than fast ones.

Tip #33: You can have someone with neck/upper back pain sit on a kitchen or dining chair. This allows you to use a whole different range of techniques. Additionally, working in a room that is psychologically “neutral territory” can help take some pressure off of both parties.

Tip #38: SLOW DOWN. Slow down to half your “normal” speed. Then halve that again. That’s likely the speed you should be using. Slower strokes give the brain more time to process the sensation and it usually feels better. You may feel like it’s comically slow, but it will feel awesome. Check with your partner.

Tip #45: If your partner has a sore muscle, remember that more is not always better. People tend to think that the more it hurts, the more it’s helping, but that’s not true. “Sore,”  “tender,” and “uncomfortable” are okay. “Painful” is not.

Master the art of the backrub by going to my webpage at: and signing up for your free copy.

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