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Keeping You Active is Our Goal

By Pablo Der Boghossian and Ana Mendez –

Keeping You Active is Our GoalSince opening our doors in 1998, we have seen the patient population grow healthier, become more competitive, and live longer.

In fact, it is not uncommon for seniors well into their 70’s to regularly participate in sports. With this in mind, we collaborated to redefine our goals, objectives, and strategies of rehabilitation, elevating physical preparedness to a new level.

With more and more people participating in physical activities, meeting patient demands for fast recovery and return to competition has made the Physical Therapy discipline earn a very important role in the rehabilitation process. Physical Therapists assist patients by reducing the time needed to make a full recovery after an injury or  surgery, or while coping with different physical conditions that limit the person’s lifestyle.

Having successfully treated patients for the past 15 years, the Excell Rehab team has the powerful combination of seasoned professionals with solid knowledge and extensive experience integrated with today’s state of the art technology. By consistently providing personal, hands-on Physical Therapy treatment complemented by current modalities and strengthening equipment, we empower patients to achieve their maximum rehab potential in the shortest amount of time.

Continuity of Care
At Excell Rehab, we believe that communication between the Physical Therapist and the doctor is extremely important when developing the optimal personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. Acknowledging the importance of Physical Therapy for full recovery, Excell Rehab decided to expand their reach and make their services available to doctors’ offices. This enables the patient uninterrupted care, as the doctors’ offices become a “one stop shop for recovery.”

Excell Rehab provides a turnkey service where a Physical Therapy office is fully set up and operated by Excell Rehab within the doctor’s office premises. This allows the doctors’ offices and their patients full access to all of the Physical Therapy services required following an injury or pre- and post- surgery, further increasing the chances for a full recovery and quick return to work and sports. Doctors are able to closely monitor a patient’s progress and the continuity of care has been shown to play a significant role in increasing the success rate and minimizing the recovery time for patients. Excell Rehab is proud to be managing Physical Therapy offices for prestigious groups such as Cortez Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Meet the Owners of Exhel Rehab
Ana Mendez, LPT and Pablo Der Boghossian, LPT are co-Owners of Excell Rehab Physical Therapy.  Both hold a Licensure “Masters” in Kinesiology and Physiatrics from Buenos Aires University. With a background in sports and orthopedics rehab and with a combined experience of 50 years, Excell Rehab has been helping patients throughout Sarasota get back to their sports and daily activities for the last 15 years.

As a soccer semi-pro player and currently playing at a competitive level, Pablo, has sustained many injuries, underwent  surgeries and even now endures the limitations that sometimes come along with the recovery process or residual conditions of this contact sport. Returning quickly to the field is crucial for many athletes. Through his experience as a competitor, Pablo learned very early the important role proper Physical Therapy plays in any physically active person’s journey.  Understanding these challenges in his own skin gives Pablo a passionate motivation to push athletes to their physical maximum capabilities and make the rehabilitation the pass to a strong healthy comeback.

Incurring in the field of Physical Arts, Ana has enjoyed ballet for 15 years and once she became a therapist could easily relate to those participating in such body-demanding activities where precision and strength can easily be jeopardized upon an injury. Detailed plan of care, daily assessment and understanding the complexity of the dancer’s body mechanics is a must to achieve goals for an immense group of performers. Proper care and recovery from injuries enables many active people to keep their passion alive for many years and allows them to enjoy these activities no matter their age.

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