Keep your feet healthy from the summer heat

Keep your feet healthyHot summer days are quickly approaching here in Southwest Florida. Leaving our seniors and diabetics at risk to heat related injuries. It’s important for people especially one’s living with diabetes to be aware of the risks associated with hot and humid weather conditions. As a diabetic or senior It’s important to understand that any type of break in the skin can lead to potential infections and/or ulcerations. Diabetics are at a greater risk of complications related to foot infections or ulceration these include hospitalization, surgery and possible limb loss. Others with any type of loss of sensation or compromised blood flow are also at risk. Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy during these hot summer months.

Manage swelling
Swelling during these hot days can easily be managed with daily use of compression stockings. Compression is the best way to reduce swelling and avoid compilations associated with chronic foot swelling.

Don’t forget Sunscreen
Sunscreen is important all year, but during these hot days you will likely need to increase the frequency of application. DON’T FORGET to apply sunscreen to your feet. The skin on the top and bottom of your feet is very sensitive and can easily burn.

Keep them dry
Hot temperatures mean more sweating. Moisture buildup is inevitable in your shoes or between your toes. Excess moisture can lead to blisters and breaks in the skin. Hot temperatures can also increase chances of developing a fungal infection of the nails or feet. Your local foot and ankle doctor can evaluate you for a fungal infection and provide you with recommendations for treatment. Furthermore, they can provide you with the best methods to keep excessive moisture at bay.

Avoid sandals or barefoot walking
Sandals or barefoot walking may be tempting during these hot summer days. However, sandal use can lead to dryness and cracking of the feet especially of the heels. Again, any break or cracks in the skin can lead to potential infections. Barefoot walking can increase your risk of puncture wounds, burns, and blisters from hot pavement or sand.

Just a few minutes of walking barefoot on a hot driveway, sidewalk or sand can badly burn the soles of a person’s feet who has diminished sensation or no feeling in their feet which is very common in the Diabetic population. Anyone with any type of diminished sensation is at risk as well.

Don’t skip your appointment
Schedule regular check-ups with your foot and ankle specialist who can help prevent these complications and provide you with recommendation to keeping your feet healthy. Also, don’t forget to perform your own daily foot checks, if you notice anything suspicious make sure to schedule an appointment ASAP.

To learn more contact your local foot and ankle doctor.

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