Introducing the SonoCiné Ultrasound NDIC’s newest technology for detecting breast cancer earlier.

Mammography is the standard of care for breast screening but, for women with dense breasts, mammography can miss as many as half of all cancers. SonoCiné is an automated breast ultrasound system that has been cleared by FDA as an adjunctive examination to mammography. Women with dense breasts, implants, can benefit from SonoCiné. A SonoCiné Ultrasound Screening can find 40% to 100% more cancers than mammography alone.

SonoCiné UltrasoundKnow Your Breast Density
Dense breast tissue hides cancers making them more difficult to discover on the mammogram. Clinical studies demonstrated that SonoCiné found most of the cancers that were not visible on the mammogram.

A radiologist can determine the density of your breasts by examining your mammogram. Breast density can vary dramatically. Depending upon your physical make up, the time of your life or even the time of the month, your breasts may be mostly fatty or mostly dense. The mammogram can easily see abnormalities (that show up white) through fatty tissue which shows up dark on the mammogram. However, dense tissue shows up white on the mammogram so the white abnormalities are very difficult to detect.

SonoCiné offers peace of mind 
Mammography typically finds cancers small enough to be treated successfully. However, in women that have “dense” breasts, implants, mammography may not be the complete solution. In addition to a mammogram – women, especially women with dense breasts, should consider the SonoCiné Ultrasound Breast Screening from NDIC.

SonoCiné is an examination which can find small, early cancers that mammography may miss. It is not a replacement for mammography. Further, SonoCiné is a screening which doesn’t require a doctor’s order.
. Safe, Comfortable, Quick requires no breast compression, no injections, and takes about 15 minutes
. Earlier Detection Saves Lives with the help of SonoCiné Screening which can find 40% to 100% more cancers than a mammography alone.
. Less Health Risk advanced ultrasound technology does not require exposure to radiation.
. Experienced, Certified Staff

Since dense breast tissue shows up as white on a mammogram, just like cancers do, it is often described as looking for a snowball in a snowstorm. Having a SonoCiné whole breast ultrasound done in combination and comparison to your mammogram can give you the full picture of your breast health. These two screening procedures can provide early detection to those with dense breasts in a way that a mammogram alone may not.

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