Homeopathic Remedies: Safe and Effective for Entire Family

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pharmacyHomeopathic medicine is one of the safest approaches to self-care. For over 200 years, homeopathy has provided an effective, natural choice to treat physical and emotional conditions. Using therapeutically prepared micro doses of plant, mineral and biological sources, homeopathic preparations ensure a high standard of purity and are non-toxic. Homeopathy works with the body’s innate healing ability to respond to the cause of symptoms, without masking signs of illness. It offers a gentle way to restore health that is safe for children, elderly and those taking other medications. The homeopathic products that are available at John’s Pharmacy provide reliable relief for some of the key conditions of your active life-styles without risk of over-medication or side-effects.

Homeopathy as a means of treatment has been accepted by people around the world for many years. Homeopathy is practiced as an alternative means of conventional medicine. The acceptance of this kind of medicine was initially slow as compared to allopathic medicines, however the attitude of people has changed over the years. Homeopathy has gained wide acceptance and is known to be a safe treatment for virtually anyone.

Homeopathic remedies are safe even for newborn children, chemically sensitive, and pregnant women. They do not interfere with any medical treatment you may need. For this reason they are often referred to as “remedies” to distinguish them from conventional medicinal drugs.

The benefits of using homeopathic remedies are numerous and include, but are not limited to, the following:

100% Natural Ingredients
Homeopathy medicines are derived from pure, natural ingredients and therefore more suitable for the human body. Homeopathy does not use synthetic substances, but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals, and even animal substances. These are used in their whole, natural state, not as isolated chemicals.

Safely Used by Anyone
Homeopathic medicines are safe without any harmful ingredients. Homeopathy is virtually non-toxic, without any side-effects whatsoever. There is no risk of poisoning, even if bottles of the medicines are consumed, or one accidentally takes the wrong medication. There is no drug residue, addiction or buildup of tolerance, even with long term use.

Enhances Health rather than Diminishes Illness
Homeopathic remedies do not cover up diseases. They stimulate the body’s own reactions to overcome illness. Hence, no warnings or cautions are required with on homeopathic remedies. The goal of classical homeopathy is much more than just eliminating symptoms. These medicine do not suppress the pain, rather it strengthens the immune system and treats the cause of the disease.

Effective & Consistent
Homeopathy has proved itself in treating every conceivable type of health care situation in tens of millions of patients. The same medicines have been used for the same conditions, based on the same indications; remedies do not go in and out of fashion, and do not disappear from the shelves because they are no longer useful. Homeopathic treatment is also cost-effective as compared to other forms. This treatment does not involve large expenditures. Besides, they can also complement allopathic medicines in many cases.

Effective Even in Chronic Disease
Chronic diseases which at best can only be palliated by conventional medicine, can be effectively dealt with through homeopathy

Potent Preventive
Truly effective prevention allows avoiding diseases before they start. Remaining on homeopathic preventive maintenance program not only reduces the risk of common infections such as colds but also significantly slows down degenerative aging processes and reduces the risk of illness.

If you are interested in learning more about the homeopathic products available at John’s Pharmacy, simply stop in and talk with one of the knowledgeable pharmacists. A homeopathic product resource guide is always on hand to determine which remedy is best for particular ailments.

If you would like a product that we do not stock, simply ask and the helpful pharmacists at John’s Pharmacy will do what they can to order it for you. Special requests typically only take one day to receive once the order is placed. This goes for both the homeopathic and conventional medicines.

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