Heart Healthy Holiday Gifts

Heart Healthy HolidayHeart Healthy HolidayWith the holidays fast approaching, you might be frantically brainstorming ideas for holiday presents. Here are a few heart healthy options to consider! These ideas would make for great stocking stuffers, holiday gift exchange, or the gift for the person who has everything.

Stress Ball. The holidays can be stressful so why not include a stress ball so your family and friends can work their arm muscles instead of turning to the candy jar to relieve stress.

Fruit. Apples, oranges and grapefruits make for very healthy presents. Just make sure they don’t get squished and give them in a timely manner so they are nice and fresh when the recipient receives them!

Winter accessories. When the weather changes and the temperature drops people tend to stay indoors more and therefore get less exercise. Give your co-workers a new hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves and that gives them no excuse to take a walk around the block and admire their neighbor’s holiday decorations, even when morning air is crisp.

A pedometer. This nifty little tool helps you count the number of steps you take in a day. What a great way to get the office together and go walking during lunch!

Recipe cards. Do you have a lot of healthy recipes you love? Why not share the wealth. Pre-made or hand-made recipe cards with hand written healthy recipes are a heart-felt gift for all.

Relaxation kit. Stress is not good for anyone’s health and the holidays are typically a stressful time of the year. Give your friends and loved ones a relaxation kit. Maybe include a few candles, maybe some incense, soaps, or a CD with soothing music.

And the most heart healthy gift of all…a Heart Screening. Does the person(s) on your shopping list who have everything know their heart score? Do you know your heart score? A heart score is an evaluation of the coronary arteries for calcified plaque. The score is obtained using a non-invasive CT scan. During the scan your arms will be brought above your head and ECG leads will be attached to your chest. You will be asked to hold your breath for 10-20 seconds while the images are being taken. The exam is completed in less than 10 minutes. Final reports of the screening will be sent to your primary care physician within 48 hours for review.

The blood vessels of the body develop fatty deposits and the body will convert these deposits to calcium; this is the body’s defense mechanism against the soft plaque. Soft plaque can break free or cause a blockage, which can result in a stroke or heart attack. The amount of calcium is quantitatively determined for each artery and a total score is determined. The “total score” is an indication of the risk for coronary artery stenosis. A high score indicates the likelihood of a significant coronary artery stenosis. A low score would suggest that significant coronary artery stenosis is unlikely, however a low score does not guarantee a disease free heart or that heart attack will not occur.

Each year in this country, more than 500,000 people die of coronary artery disease, and more than 1 ½ million are hospitalized due to myocardial infarction, better known as a heart attack. The process of atherosclerosis, which can cause blockage of the arteries that feed the heart muscle, begins early in life, and 1995 statistics show that more than 30% of heart attack victims are under the age of 65. A screening test that can accurately identify and quantify atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries can in turn help to identify those who are at high risk for heart attack.

At Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center, we offer more than state-of-the art diagnostic imaging services. We offer an experience – one that is focused on you. From diagnostic exams that give you the edge of prevention with early detection, to imaging that pinpoints a medical condition to accelerate treatment, our focus is on getting you timely answers to make important and proactive decisions about your health. Our preventive imaging exams are designed for the early detection of heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, cancer and osteoporosis.

Our experienced physicians and staff are ready to help patients find the answers they are looking for, in a comfortable, professional environment. To learn more about screening for coronary heart disease and calcium scores, or to schedule a screening test please call 239-593-4222. Don’t wait until fatal symptoms (stroke or heart attack) occur, take charge of your heart health today!

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