HEALTHY and STRONGTwo adjectives to promote good health and well-being for mind, body & soul. It is important to maintain healthy eating and fitness habits to help combat every type of illness and disease.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Physical Therapy Awareness month, we want to stress how easy it can be to stay in good shape and good health:

• Fitness: find a routine that you like, that fits into your schedule and one that gives you the best results possible.  Slow movement, high intensity weight training, using a certified personal trainer is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for yourself and one that easily fits into anyone’s schedule.  Dedicating only 20 minutes once a week to this form of exercise will have you looking leaner, feeling stronger and in better health – no matter your gender, age or physical ability. You can use this philosophy of exercise to enhance what you already love to do, or as your only form of exercise.  Either way you will see amazing results.  A strong body helps to combat any illness and of course gives a great boost to your self esteem!

• Nutrition: it can be very confusing with the over abundance of information in the media today.  Which craze do you follow, which diet is right for you?  Is fat free really the way to go?  The simple answer is balanced nutrition is a lifestyle, not a pill or a fad.  Committing to healthy food choices is easier than you think when you work with a nutritionist.  A nutrition consultation will help you to understand what healthy eating means for your body and your lifestyle and will give you so many options that you will never feel deprived or have to settle for bland tasting foods.

• Healthy Mind: our thoughts, actions, even the words we speak greatly affect our overall health.  Life can get hectic and overwhelming at times; finding ways to release stress and learning to utilize tools to keep us on a positive path are equally important to good nutrition and exercise.  There are many modalities to accomplish this.  Talking with a life coach will help you to see through the chaos and stress everyday life can bring.  Energy modalities such as Reiki can help to lift away old wounds and mind clutter, while balancing the body’s systems, giving us a fresh new start.  Simply taking the time to get a massage to release tight muscles and toxins in the body will give you great results as well To stay healthy, free of illness, and physical ailments take the time to take care of your body and eat well.  With the proper program and guidance you will soon develop healthy habits and patterns that will become your lifestyle of healthy living.

The Perfect 10 Strength Training facility, located at 180 9th Street South, Suite 200, in Naples strives to be your one stop shop to help you easily integrate healthy life choices.  Come in today for a free START SESSION to learn how our 20 minute once a week full body work out will have you standing taller, looking leaner and feeling healthier in no time at all.  20 minutes once a week leaves little room for excuses not to exercise.  While at The Perfect 10 you can also have a consultation with our nutritionist, Marcy Hess, learn how Reiki and/or Life Coaching can help you move forward in your life with Sue Campanella, and you can even schedule a massage.

Here is a direct quote from a member:
“If someone took advantage of everything that is offered when they walk through the door of The Perfect 10, they would leave feeling like a new person between the workout session, massage, Reiki, coaching and nutrition counseling…. If that doesn’t say wellness matters I don’t know what does!”

The Perfect 10
180 9th Street South, Suite 200
Naples FL 34102

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