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Welcome to Healthy is Easy; where the basics of health and wellness are simplified in a world of confusing information.

To get started, let’s talk about nutrition information that we see in the media where advertisers legally slant their messages to confuse consumers, particularly, let’s focus on labeling of product packaging as it relates to nutrition.

Does “Sugar Free” Mean Healthy?
Does sugar free labeling mean what’s inside is healthy? That’s an unsafe assumption.  When food is identified as sugar free or fat free, be very careful to not mistake this to mean it is healthy. “Sugar Free” foods that have added chemicals formulated to taste sweet (artificial sweeteners) are mainly consumed by dieters, diabetics and misinformed consumers thinking that using them is paramount to maintaining healthy weight, blood glucose levels and overall health.

The Health Risks of Artificial Sweeteners
Here is a link to an article about Aspertame that will surely get your attention with it’s health risks: The same is true for all artificial sweeteners, not only as chemicals with terrible health risks, but the worst part is that people that use artificial sweeteners tend to weigh more and have higher blood glucose levels than average according to studies.

That’s because simple carbohydrate foods such as baked goods (yes, even gluten free), cereals (yes, even cholesterol lowering oatmeal) and pasta (whole wheat included) are SUGAR and contribute to obesity and diabetes. So someone eating a piece of sugar free cake is just deluding themselves and sugar free labeling is really a warning sign that it is highly processed, chemical laden food with zero nutrition and interferes with losing weight or lowering blood sugar levels.

Eat Clean, Whole Foods
By eating clean, whole foods: proteins (nuts, seeds, lean meats, poultry and seafood) and complex carbohydrates such as veggies (careful with potatoes) and fruits (unsweetened and very limited juice), artificial sweeteners will have no place in your world. Getting lean and lowered blood sugar levels occur naturally and your taste buds will gradually be repulsed by the taste of chemical sweeteners.

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