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Dispelling Myths About Modern Cataract Surgery: An Interview with Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS

If you are among those who have been recently been diagnosed with cataracts or think you may be suffering from vision loss due to a developing cataract, you are not alone. Cataracts are common, in fact over 90% of the population will be diagnosed with cataracts by the time they turn 65. Modern cataract surgery restores vision lost to cataracts and with LifeStyle Lenses, can reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses/readers as well. Today’s modern cataract surgery procedures are more customized and accurate than ever before. Additionally, they are less invasive, meaning patients recover faster, with fewer complications.

Dr. Jonathan Frantz of Frantz EyeCare is a national leader in modern cataract surgery. He is the first and most experienced surgeon in Southwest Florida to offer bladeless (laser) cataract surgery.

Dr. Frantz is as passionate about educating his patients as he is about restoring their vision. “I have found there is a knowledge gap out there surrounding cataract surgery,” said Dr. Frantz. “It can be confusing and overwhelming, so I am committed to educating my patients along with giving them the best care and visual outcomes possible.”

Here, Dr. Frantz addresses some of the most common questions about cataract surgery.

Interviewer: Is it true that some practices offer free cataract surgery?

JMF: Yes and no. Don’t be fooled by gimmicky advertising of some practices that routinely offer free cataract surgery; that is misinformation. The only time truly free cataract surgery is offered is through Mission Cataract USA, a national organization that donates cataract surgery to uninsured patients in need that have no financial means to pay for the procedure. We partner with them each year to donate cataract surgery, but outside of this, cataract surgery is covered by insurance (Medicare), so that dictates that everyone charge the

same amount. What that means to you is it won’t cost you any more to go to a premier facility with highly experienced cataract surgeons who use the latest technology.

Interviewer: How do you know when it’s time to have cataract surgery?

JMF: Because cataracts usually develop over time, many people don’t realize how cloudy their vision has actually become. As a rule of thumb, the time to have surgery is when symptoms begin interfering with your daily life. Are you having trouble driving at night or reading street signs? Blurriness that’s making it hard to read even when you’re wearing your glasses? When you know there is a change in your vision and it’s negatively affecting your life, it’s time for cataract surgery.

Interviewer: Cataract surgery is just cataract surgery. The bells and whistles don’t really matter, right?

JMF: Not at all. Which type of surgery and lens you should choose depends on your goals after surgery. Someone who just wants their cataract removed and doesn’t care if they still need to wear glasses after surgery will do just fine with traditional surgery and a standard lens. But the patient who hates their glasses and doesn’t want to have to wear them after cataract surgery is a much better fit for laser cataract surgery with a premium LifeStyle Lens. The modern, bladeless and computer-guided lasers allow for unparalleled precision and a highly customized procedure.

Interviewer: Dropless cataract surgery sounds great but do you have to pay more for it?

JMF: No, you won’t! Most of the cases done at Frantz EyeCare today are dropless. Why? The cost of post-surgery drops to prevent infection and promote healing is substantial ($250 to $500 per eye!), and they must be used several times a day for about a month. With dropless cataract surgery, an antibiotic drop is administered during surgery which then will slowly dissolve over time. In most cases, no additional drops are needed after surgery, greatly simplifying the post-op regimen and reducing infection risk. And great news! Dropless cataract surgery does not cost any more.

There is no question that experience matters where cataract surgery is concerned. Dr. Frantz is honored to have been recognized as the #1 Cataract Surgeon in Southwest Florida¹ and one of the top 5 Bladeless Cataract Surgeons in the country².

1 based on 2017 Q1 Volume reports by the Agency for Health Care
2 Alcon Surgical Laser usage data 2017

Technology also matters. Frantz EyeCare uses the LenSx Laser and the area’s only full cataract refractive suite. It is an investment, but one that Dr. Frantz believes gives increased accuracy and improved safety. Finally, at Frantz EyeCare, you’re treated like a VIP from the moment you step in the door. You’re not just a patient, you’re part of the family. Looking for more information? Visit or give the Frantz team a call at 239.430.3939.

To schedule an appointment online, visit or call the Naples office of Frantz EyeCare at 239-430-3939. 

Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS, is named in The Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists. He and his team of doctors at Frantz EyeCare offer a broad spectrum of patient-focused comprehensive care from eye exams and eyewear to bladeless laser cataract removal, bladeless WaveLight LASIK, treatment of dry eye and eye diseases, and facial and body rejuvenation, with office locations in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Lehigh Acres, and Naples.

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