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concept 10 10Muscle: The Real Key to Burning Calories
Most people believe that the key to lose body fat is to engage in physical activity as much as possible. Actually, this is far from true. You can jog for 3 hours and all you burn caloriewise equals a bite of a chocolate bar. Losing significant fat by exercising is a losing battle.

Remember when you were a teenager and could eat everything in sight and not get fat? Somewhere in your 30’s things changed. Now it seems like just looking at food can make you fat. What happened?

The main difference for most people is that they have less muscle in adulthood than they had in their late teens and early twenties. This loss of muscle tissue results in a decreasing metabolic rate. Lose 5 pounds of muscle and your calories burned per 24 hours decreases by about 250 calories. While this may not sound like much, it adds up. If you continue to eat like you did when you were younger, you will gain a pound of fat in about 14 days. Over a 20 week period, you will gain 10 pounds.

Muscle Has Memory
The key to getting rid of accumulated body fat is to get back your youthful metabolism by getting back your muscle. You have probably heard people say that “muscle has memory.” Well, this is one popular saying that is actually true. With a proper exercise stimulus, that dormant muscle can be reclaimed. When you get back the muscle that requires 250 calories a day to keep alive, what used to be an insidious weight-gain problem will become an insidious weight-loss technique. As you become stronger, you will have a natural tendency to partake of more vigorous activities. This situation will allow you to lose weight with less attention paid to calorie counting and food selection. The more reasonable your diet can be, the greater your chance to stick with it. As you ride this spiral of success, you may be able to eat more like you did as a teenager. Putting just 5 pounds of calorie burning muscle on your body can really turn things around for you.

Ideally, every exercise should be repeated until it is impossible to continue movement in a technically correct manner, that is, until the involved muscles fail. At this point, a number of chemical processes are triggered in your body, and with a sufficient break before your next training, your body will produce improvements such as increased strength and better function.

Concept 10 10
An Effective Way of Training
Several factors combine to make Concept 10 10 such an effective way of training. We move very slowly during the exercises, 10 seconds each way, hence the name “Concept 10 10.” This means that your muscles work to the maximum during the entire movement and a maximum number of muscle fibers are involved. That yields much better results without any risk of injuries. Additionally, you will be supervised and coached by a personal instructor every time you train, from beginning till end, which ensures correct execution of exercises and maximum intensity, and all equipment will be adjusted individually for you before you arrive. There will be no disturbing elements: no waiting, no onlookers, no music or phones ringing or any other distractions.

Training Once a Week
Many are surprised that one training session per week should be enough to produce optimum results. The high training intensity is the reason why once a week is not only enough, but also the best option.

When your body is intensely stimulated, a number of processes are triggered, and also, your body is so strongly affected that it needs a pause of about one week before a similar intensive training session should be performed. Your body needs time for recovery after training. However, it is quite possible to train twice a week for the first 3-4 weeks because, at this stage, you are not yet strong enough to train quite as intensively as later on. Some members decide on a training schedule with one session a week right from the beginning, but it will be beneficial to train twice a week for the first 3-4 weeks to faster get familiarized with everything and achieve maximum effect. Recovery time after intensive Concept 10 10 training varies individually but is usually between 5-8 days. For instance, if you want to train every five days and feel comfortable doing so, that is just fine. Some members do not reach a very high intensity, and they can train twice a week. In general, you could say that it is better to train twice a week than once a week if you train with lower intensity, but that will never be as good as training once a week with high intensity.

Other Activities
If you play a sport or participate in a similar activity that you enjoy, it is no problem to continue with this between Concept 10 10 training sessions, because such activities are not as intensive as Concept 10 10 training. Concept 10 10 training will improve your performance in any sports activity because you will gain greater strength and endurance. However, if you engage in other sports activities, you should do so only because you enjoy it, and not because you feel that you need to do it for the sake of your body or physical fitness. Concept 10 10 training once a week is all you need to keep your body in good shape.

Good-Bye Back Pain
Concept 10 10 is a unique concept that provides scientifically based Preventive and Medical Strength Training. We concentrate purely on the therapy and prevention of the muscoloskeletal system, with a special emphasis on back problems. This concentration on the essential gives our concept a very competitive edge, and we attract a market segment that is not being catered to.

It was only recently that scientists have been able to conclude that the condition of a person´s back muscles play a major role in low back pain. Earlier the spine was regarded as an example of a “poor biological design.” and chronic back pain a matter of fate. That has changed totally with the form of exercise that Concept 10 10 provides.

Concept 10 10 has done away with all the trappings of the modern fitness industry and concentrates fully on giving the body what it needs most: overall strength. It is a “no-nonsense” concept that delivers fast and measurable results and literally changes the lives and well-beings for most people that get involved.

The results form the basis of our one on one supervised sessions, and in 12 sessions this will make most patient´s back problem a thing of the past. As soon as the back muscles have recovered their normal strength levels, they will be more than able to cope with the strains and stresses of normal life. Large scale research in the United States and Europe, involving thousands of patients, found that in 80% of cases, an exercise program as provided by Concept 10 10 drastically improved the condition, or even eliminated chronic, long-term back and neck pain, in contrast to most traditional treatments.

A Revolutionary Form of Exercise!
Concept 10 10 is a revolutionary form of exercise that far exceeds the benefits of almost any other kind of exercise you can think of. It has been shown to provide all the benefits you seek from an exercise program in 20 minutes a week, with negligible risk of injury.

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