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Cart Full of Potential Breast Cancer Causes Warning!

Cart Full of Potential Breast Cancer Causes Warning!Warning! There has been serious concern about the environmental implications of hormone disrupting chemicals called “xeno-estrogens” or IMPOSTER estrogens. translated, Xeno-estrogens are “foreign estrogens” that imitate estrogen and its effect on the body. These chemical estrogens are potent and powerful and have been found in extremely high levels in Breast Cancer tumors.

What types of products contain
“foreign estrogens”?
• Weed killers
• Sunscreen lotions that contain 4-MBC
• Food preservatives such as BHA
• Canned foods and plastics (BPA and BPA-S)
• Insecticides and pesticides
• Food Dyes
• Food chemicals that are used to protect fats and oils from becoming rancid
• Anti-perspirants that are made with Metalloestrogens or toxic metals
• Make ups and skin care products that have the preservative called paraben
• Tap water (most city waters are contaminated with estrogens from oral contraceptive pills)
• Detergents and surfactants
• Growth hormones in dairy and meat products

What are the health implications of
“foreign estrogens”?
Since estrogen is intricately involved with so many hormonal pathways, the concern about these foreign estrogens is that are interfering with reproduction, increasing endometriosis, increasing fibroids in the uterus and breasts, affecting sperm production and increasing the possibility of developing Breast Cancer.

A study recently posted in an article in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, revealed high concentrations of parabens in post-mastectomy breasts affected with Breast Cancer. The parabens were present, even with women who had never used any type of underarm deodorant throughout their whole lifetime, indicating that the parabens were acquired through the environment. The level of parabens in the breast tissue was 1 million times higher than the normal estrogen levels in breast tissue.

How can you protect yourself from
The simple answer is to become aware of what you put in your body, on your body and the products you use in your home and in your environment. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process but simply start with 1 item at a time. You will feel empowered that you are being proactive about your health – which will encourage you to take the next step.

Here is a simple checklist for you to follow:
1. Begin with your lotions and skin care products. There are many organic and parabens free products that are available on line or at a natural market.
2. Stop using toxic sunscreens.
3. Store your food in glass containers.
4. Stop microwaving your food, and especially NOT in plastic containers.
5. Avoid regular dairy products and replace with hormone free dairy or almond milk.
6. Eat only organic meats that are hormone and antibiotic free.
7. Try to eat only organic fruits and vegetables.
8. Read your food labels. Never eat food that has food preservatives in it. (BHA and BHT)
9. Replace the pesticides and insecticides with bio-degradable natural products.
10. Drink purified, filtered or clean spring water OUT OF GLASS, NOT PLASTIC!!

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