Caring for Your Skin will Soothe the Senses, as well as the Soul

Your SkinFor this past mother’s day, American Greetings created a fake interview called the “World’s Toughest Job”. Though the interviewer was an actor, the applicants were real. The following requirements were given to the unsuspecting
• Must be able to work 135 plus hours a week.
• Must work standing up for the most hours, often overnight.
• Won’t have any breaks.
• Meals are only allowed when and if the “associate” eats.

As predicted, these applicants told the “interviewer” that this job was insane, inhumane, and crazy. The interviewer finally confessed that the interview was a set-up, but that the job was very real. The job? You guessed it… it is being a mom.

Moms carry the weight of themselves, their children, and the world it seems. Stress can come easily with this job. Moms deserve to pamper themselves every once and a while for all of their hard work. What better way to treat yourself than with a facial?
A facial can give moms a mini-vacation from all of
their worries.

Often, we wear our stress on our face. One of the biggest benefits of a facial is that it removes the signs of stress from our face. Getting facials will help improve your skin’s appearance. According to LeMasque Facial Bar in Naples, our skin tends to lack vital minerals, especially when we are stressed. Facial treatments can help replenish your face and restore its natural beauty. Facials also assist in keeping your skin hydrated, making your skin smooth and feeling better.

Facials do more than just care for your skin; they care for your mood, also. Moms are constantly doing everything for their children. As a mom, you don’t get many moments for yourself, so setting up some time to be pampered without any interruptions is a blessing.  Facials will quickly relax you and improve your confidence. The better your skin looks, the more you will want to show it off. Instead of wearing stress on your face, facials will have you wearing a smile.

There are many different types of facials. This depends on your type of skin and what your objectives are. If you are interested in discovering more information about facials, contact LeMasque at (239) 234-6473 today. LeMasque Facial Bar offers facials for normal skin, sensitive skin, facials for anti-aging and facial peels. They also have eye, lip, neck, hand, and foot treatments. Are you a hardworking mother? Or are you just a hard worker in general? You deserve to treat yourself for a spa day. Call and remove the stress from your day.

Great service isn’t the only advantage of coming to LeMasque Facial Bar; their pricing is unbeatable. Although becoming a member is not an obligation, joining does give you many perks. These include unlimited oxygen shots, unlimited beauty drinks, 15% off all products, and exclusive monthly specials. For services that fit your specific skin needs, call (239) 234-6473 to book an appointment at LeMasque Facial Bar. For additional information you can visit their website at

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