When Should You See Cardio-Vascular Specialists?

By Julian J. Javier, MD – Cardiac and Vascular Specialist

When Should You See Cardio-Vascular SpecialistsArteries and Veins are very important for the proper function of all your body system.  Arteries are responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to tissues, and Veins for collecting the use blood and taking it to the lungs to insert oxygen into the red blood cell and discard CO2.

Arteries and veins are called the Circulatory system. There is another component of the circulatory system called the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system is responsible for collecting lymph in the body that fights inflammation and infection.

Circulation problems are sometimes difficult to diagnose. They can masquerade as other medical conditions. Some symptoms that mimic circulation problems are actually other physical problems, like nerve or joint problems. A Cardio-vascular specialist is the one of the best person to help you diagnose and treat any circulatory problem you may have.

A cardio-vascular specialist is a highly trained physician dedicated exclusively to the care of disorders of the heart and circulatory system, including the arteries and the veins. Their expertise in the entire cardio-circulatory system helps them not only to treat, but also to prevent it and halt the progression of circulatory problems

Multiple conditions affect the body. One of the most common one is the venous insufficiency. One out of three persons over 50 years old will have some form of venous disorder. These can manifest as tingling, numbness, restless legs, skin changes, swelling, leg fatigue among others. Veins disorder were exclusively treated by vascular surgeons in the past, however in the last 15 years the new forms of therapy have moved away from surgery and now these therapies can be done without surgery with small catheters running trough the veins similar to how they clean arteries of the heart. All is done in the comfort of the doctor’s office under local anesthetic, and with immediate recovery, patient can resume their regular activities the same day. .There are no blades or stitches use in theses new forms of therapies.

People that had suffered from deep vein thrombosis can developed what is called post-thrombotic syndrome, which causes pain, swelling, edema, ulcers, and now we can treat with balloon and angioplasties, and stents. These treatments can restore quality of life to person suffering from post thrombotic syndrome.

Other conditions that can be treated without surgery are the bulging varicose veins. These can be very painful and lead to debilitating problems of the legs.
Many women also suffered from a very particular problem related to veins of the pelvis, these are called Pelvic Veins congestion. They are due to venous insufficiency of the Pelvic Veins, mainly the ovarian veins. Many times these pelvic Varicose Veins can be responsible for severe pain during menstrual period or during sexual relationship with their partners.  Many woman have been suffering from this condition all their life and are unaware that can be treated by cardiovascular specialists without surgery.

If you have vein problems.
As you can see there are many types of vein problems. Some can lead to leg pain and swelling, in others it can lead to menstrual pain. In other occasions they can lead to poor healing chronic leg ulcers. Venous insufficiency can also lead to blood clots in the leg and cause serious health problems like pulmonary embolism, which can be lethal.

Dr. Julian J. Javier is a well known respected Cardiac and Vascular Specialist. Has published many articles and authored book chapters in peer review journals in Vein disorders, is a frequent speaker in many national and international vein conferences, and holds two patents in the market for devices use by Vein specialists to treat venous disorder. He is adjunct professor of medicine at Nova Southeastern university and volunteer Asst professor at University of Miami School of medicine.

If you are experiencing circulation problems call to set up your appointment today. Dr. Julian Javier is a cardiologist in Naples, Florida and head of the Naples Vein Center.

Julian J. Javier, M.D.
Cardiac and Vascular Specialist

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Creole
HOSPITAL PRIVILEGES: Naples Community Hospital
SPECIAL FOCUS: Venous Disorders
BOARD CERTIFICATIONS: Interventional Cardiology,
Cardiology, Internal Medicine
RESIDENCY: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
FELLOWSHIP: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS: University of Miami School of Medicine, Nova Southeastern University
MEMBERSHIPS: American College of Cardiology,
Society of Cardiac Angiography Intervention, American Heart Association, Collier County Medical Society, European Society of Cardiology

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