Cancer Prevention: Alkaline and Antioxidant Foods

By Tammy Provence, Founder of Good2Go Healthy Take Out  –

Cancer PreventionThere are so many reasons to eat a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and herbicides, that are not radiated and certainly not genetically modified. Organic….that goes for meats, dairy and grains as well. So, for starters, it’s imperative to eat clean, simple, whole foods; the foundation of optimal health.

Why does basic nutrition information belong in an article on cancer? The answer: build you immune system for prevention by eating foods that have positive impact on your health. In other words, pay forward! Pay forward by eating antioxidant rich foods that destroy free radicals that break down your immunity. Pay forward by eating foods that reverse acidity, that keep your body pH in an alkaline state, an environment unfriendly to cancer.

It really is all about the food you eat. Picture this: take a spray bottle of weed killer and squirt some in a glass of water. Then, take some formaldehyde used to preserve corpses. Add that in there too! How about some mercury while you’re at it? Just find an old thermometer and break it, draining the mercury into your glass of water….a nasty, immune assaulting cocktail you would NEVER consider drinking. Yet people consume massive amounts of hidden sugar along with these killers every day in processed and fast foods, and contaminated produce, meats, etc. They create an acidic body pH where free radicals overtake the weakened immune system creating an environment for the growth of not only breast cancer, but all cancer.

Antioxidants destroy free radicals: Antioxidants are protective molecules also referred to as free radical scavengers. Antioxidants destroy free radicals by feeding electrons to them; thus neutralizing a free radical rendering it harmless.

Alkaline body pH is the opposite of being acidic (which creates an environment for the growth of disease). Cancer cells lie dormant within a pH of 7.4 and if alkalized greater, with a pH level reaching 8.4, malignant cells die off.

Ramp up your cancer prevention plan by achieving an alkaline body pH; eat an abundance of low acid, antioxidant rich foods. And say “NO” to chemicals, period. After all, what do you have to lose besides an increased risk of cancer? And as a side note, rumor has it that NASA scientists will soon be conducting a study on reversing prostate cancer with D.I.M., a derivative of cruciferous vegetables. I take it daily. Here is a link for further reading: Indeed, now more than ever, eat your broccoli!

Alkaline Forming Foods

  • Parsley 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Kelp 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Watercress 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Avocados 6.0 alkaline forming
  • Celery 6.0 alkaline forming
  • Melons 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Watermelon 7.5 alkaline forming
  • Papaya 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Pears 6.5 alkaline forming
  • Black Mission Figs 7.0 alkaline forming
  • Lemons 7.5 alkaline forming

Acid Forming Foods

  • Bleached white flour 1.5 acid forming
  • Sausage 1.0 acid forming
  • White Cane Sugar 1.0 acid forming
  • Any soda drinks 1.0 acid forming
  • Macaroni 1.0 acid forming
  • French Fries 1.5 acid forming
  • Custard 1.5 acid forming
  • Conventional Beef 1.0 acid forming
  • Black Tea 1.5 acid forming
  • Any refined cereals 1.5 acid forming

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