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Breast Implant Illness: Are Your Symptoms Due To BII?

By Dr. Doreen DeStefano, ARNP

No matter which type of implant a person has in their body, breast implant illness is a growing concern: both silicone and saline

implants leach chemicals, metals, and toxins into the bloodstream, organs, and tissues. The surrounding shells of all breast implants are made with several different types of materials, including metals such as mercury, nickel, arsenic, thallium, chromium, and lead, to name a few. The body views the implant as a foreign substance and tries to protect the body by creating an envelope of tissue that surrounds the implant. The problem is that this creates a disruption in hormones, immune dysfunction, and an inflammatory response throughout the body and brain.

Some of the following symptoms are commonly associated or reported by those with breast implants:
• Anxiety
• Autoimmune Disease
• Brain Fog
• Chronic Illness
• Chronic Pain
• Chronic Sinus Infections
• Depression
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Fever and Chills
• Food Sensitivity
• Hair Loss
• Headaches
• Heart Palpitations
• Inflammation
• Joint Pain
• Lack of Concentration
• Leaky Gut
• Breast Pain
• Shortness of Breath
• Skin Disorders
• Thyroid Dysfunction
• Tinnitus
• Trouble Sleeping
• Weight Gain
• Yeast Infections

Although BII is not recognized by traditional medicine in most cases, it is a very real complication and illness to numerous individuals. The steps necessary are to get the implants out of the body and then to thoroughly detox and restore cellular level regenerative therapies to remove the toxins and restore wellness to the brain, lymphatic system, lungs, liver, kidneys, and gut.

Functional medicine utilizes genetic testing, anti-body testing, in-depth blood panels, and listening to the patient to provide the most comprehensive recovery strategy. Dr. Doreen DeStephano creates specific treatment protocols depending on each patient’s needs.

Dr. DeStephano provides chelation therapy, which uses elements that bind to the toxins and heavy metals. Chelation has been around for many years, but more recent studies are providing in-depth information that makes EDTA chelation therapy at the forefront of many physician’s and patient’s minds. Alternative treatments, such as chelation IV therapy has been growing in popularity to detoxify the body of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.

A significant problem with heavy metal toxification is that once it’s embedded into your tissues, it’s very difficult to remove it from your body. Chelation therapy is recognized for its ability to detoxify years of build-up of heavy metals. Chelation is used to successfully treat many different forms of heavy metal toxification, including mercury, cadmium, and lead.

Chelation IV Therapy
An amino acid, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), is administered into the bloodstream via an IV, and its position is to bind to heavy metals and remove them from the body through the urine. DMPS and DMSA acids are also used in some instances to remove mercury. EDTA is the amino acid that binds to calcium in the bloodstream as well; this is why it is often used to help remove plaque from the arteries. EDTA chelation therapy is thought to decrease this oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Over 300,000 people get breast implants each year; the implants are recommended to be replaced every 7 to 10 years, but even after just a few months after getting the implants, many individuals begin to notice symptoms and changes in their overall health. Breast Implant Illness is a growing concern, and if it’s not dealt with properly, it can cause significant disruptions to one’s health.

Functional medicine is integrative medicine that focuses on a complete look at a person’s lifestyle, genetics, environmental, and social factors concerning their overall health condition. A key component of functional medicine is IV therapy. This type of treatment option, administers high dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients to fight disease, eliminate symptoms, and alleviate associated effects.

IV Therapy Benefits
• Asthma
• Anti-aging
• Acid Reflux
• Acne
• Arthritis
• Alzheimer’s & Dementia
• Cancers
• Tumors
• Fibromyalgia
• Stroke
• Cardiovascular
• Heart disease
• Hormonal disorders
• Diabetes
• Circulatory issues
• Impaired liver function
• High Cholesterol
• Hypertension
• Chron’s Disease
• Kidney disorders
• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Removes heavy metals and chemicals
• And much more

Dr. DeStefano, of Root Causes Holistic Health & Medicine in Ft Myers, FL, incorporates IV & Chelation therapy with hyperbaric chamber sessions to combat multiple chronic conditions and disease states.

Doreen DeStefano, NHD, BSN, RN
Dr. Doreen DeStefano holds a doctorate in natural health, an MPA in public business, MS (ABT) in criminal psychology, and a BS in exercise physiology and nursing. She previously held an EMT certification. Dr. DeStefano has been practicing in natural health for over ten years. Her area of interest is healthy aging and prevention and resolution of chronic symptoms associated with aging. She believes that growing old should not mean breaking down.

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