Are You In Menopause?

There is Rarely a Benefit to Not Taking Estrogen

– By Blane Crandall, M.D. –

menopausiaContrary to the headlines on CNN and thee morning talk shows, we do know what causes hot flashes. There is compelling evidence that estrogen is necessary for glucose to cross the blood brain barrier. Without glucose the brain dies. A hot flash is the brain screaming out for glucose. When the hot flashes stop, that part of the brain has died. 71% of nursing home patients are women. Two out of three probably would not bee there if they had been on hormones.

The average life expectancy of women was 49 until 1890, and only reached 50 in 1910. Menopause was not an issue. With the advent of public sanitation, immunization and antibiotics, women and men live well into their eighties. Men continue to make testosterone throughout their lives. Women, however, stop making estrogen about age 50. Epidemiologists point out that menopause is natural. Just as natural as low thyroid and diabetes, but we do not hesitate to replace those hormones. Estrogen should be given for estrogen deficiency and not to treat anything else.

  • Are You Suffering from Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Decreased Sex Drive, Irritability, Memory Loss?
  • Hot Flashes are Not Funny!
  • They are a Signal that the Brain is Starving!
  • Prolonged Lack of Estrogen Leads to An Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Premature Disability and Death in Women!

Authors of recent studies imply that not taking estrogen decreases a women’s risk of breast cancer. All of these studies show that woman not taking estrogen have the same amount of breast cancer after one year as do the women taking hormones. Hormones allow earlier diagnosis of breast cancer. Women on hormones have a 20% decreased risk of dying from breast cancer.

These studies also imply that taking hormones causes heart attacks and strokes. Heart attacks and strokes are caused by fifteen-year-old cholesterol plaques that have cracked. They cause clotting inside the coronary or cerebral artery. Oral hormones cause a significant increase in blood clotting factors from the liver. Giving oral hormones to women with pre-existing coronary or cerebral atherosclerosis is contraindicated. It was not the hormone, but rather the amount and the way it was given that brought on thee heart attack or stroke. The women not on hormones had just as many heart attacks within one year.

The total risk of dying while on hormones is decreased by 37% in an 18 year study and 33% decreased in the Kaiser Permanente 23 year mortality study. When extrapolated to the 40 million postmenopausal women in the United States, this predicts that in the next 23 years there will be 80 million excess deaths of women because they have not taken hormones.

Women not on hormones have 4 times as much Alzheimer’s disease as men. Women who stay on hormones more than 10 years after menopause have the same amount of Alzheimer’s disease as men. 15% of women who develop Alzheimer’s will die in 6 months. 95% will be dead in 10 years.

Hip fractures are twice as common in women not on hormones. 50% of women with hip fractures will be dead in 6 months. 25% will never walk independently again. Estrogen is twice as effective as other therapies in preventing osteoporosis.

Do not let statisticians, epidemiologist, and the news media cripple or kill you. If you are on hormones stay on them life long. If not, Dr. Crandall has more than 30 years experience in the field of hormone therapy and he will find thee best hormone replacement fro you.

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