Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy Can Help Ease Arthritis Symptoms

Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy Can Help Ease Arthritis SymptomsMany different forms arthritis affects over 50 million adults and 300,000 children in the U.S., and there are over 100 different types of joint disorders categorized under the term of arthritis.  Two of the main types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).  With Osteoarthritis, wear and tear damages the cartilage in the joints and causes friction between the bones rubbing together.  Injury or infection usually causes Rheumatoid Arthritis.  RA is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own lining of the joints and membranes; this results in painful swelling and inflammation.

The common symptoms of arthritis are:
• Swollen Joints
• Joint Pain
• Stiffness
• Redness
• Sensations of warmth or burning
• Decreased range-of-motion
• Limited flexibility
• Loss of strength

Regardless of the cause, in arthritic individuals, it is often times extremely uncomfortable and challenging for them to exercise, or even perform daily activities that are necessary to live a quality lifestyle. This is why Aquatic therapy is extremely helpful in getting these patients moving and relieving their symptoms of pain and stiffness.

Aquatic Therapy
On land, every one pound of body weight exerts about 5 pounds of force on the knee joints. When the body is submerged under water, it has buoyancy, which reduces stress on joints and muscles because the water opposes the weight of the immersed limbs.  If an individual that weighs 180 pounds is under water, that person will only weigh about 10 pounds in the water.  Since our bodies are approximately 15-18% fat, the fat weighs virtually nothing in the water, which helps with agility and promotes a feeling of lightness.

A professional rehabilitation therapist can help increase your range of motion and flexibility within aquatic therapy treatment.  From underwater treadmills to bikes, weights, and tubes, there are many different types of equipment that can assist in water therapy, but it is sometimes just as beneficial to use no equipment in aquatic exercising.  The specially trained therapists can help to build the strength of your muscles, making them stronger without weights, through resistance training, utilizing your own body against the pressure of the water.

If you are immersed to your waist, your body will weigh only 50% of its actual weight, and if you are immersed to your chest, it’s approximately 25% of your weight.  This weight reduction is helpful to relieve pain and to protect weak bones, muscle tears or joint friction.  Water exercise can help you lose weight, as you will burn calories, and it also promotes relaxation throughout the entire body, which is beneficial for healing and overall health and wellness.

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