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YOLLO Wellness CenterThe Latin word for “inflammation” means “ignite, set alight” and like gasoline to a fire, that’s exactly what it does to diseases. Inflammation promotes the spreading and mutating of unhealthy cells. Inflammation also enhances tumors ability to recruit blood supply which is called angiogenesis.

You should not be surprised to know that an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can lower your risk of developing tumors, slow down or stop angiogenesis, reduces and prevents  many disorders and diseases. The first thing we would offer is hyperbaric oxygen therapy to immediately remove over-bearing inflammation. Oxygen under pressure in a chamber will get absorbed into all the fluids in your body which will start to push the inflammation out of the affected area and promote healing. Multiple sessions help keep the inflammation out. Most people think of “pain” and “swelling” when they hear the word inflammation, but what about the disorders we tend to dismiss because we are told it “goes along with aging” such as insulin issues, eye disorders, digestive issues, weight gain, allergies, etc? We all have inflammation so knowing how to manage it and reduce it is very important.

Did you ever hear “You are what you eat?” The new saying  is “ You are what you DON’T DIGEST.”  We are your certified nutritionists that can help you with your plan to healthy digestion. Life begins in the gut. If you are eating foods that your body can not break down, then you become a holding tank for toxins. Those toxins leak into your blood stream and cause inflammation. They also break through the blood brain barrier and cause brain fog. We do a test called ALCAT, which tests your blood for 237 foods, 50 medicinal herbs, medicines, and much more as to what is causing inflammation, but more importantly, gives us a customized plan to follow to heal and keep inflammation out. We have over 2000 success stories of how foods have healed our clients who follow an anti-inflammatory food plan. We are not talking about gluten free, non GMO, pesticide free, and hormone free eating; those are what you should be doing regardless. This is a food plan guaranteed to reduce the leucocytes that cause the inflammation and get you feeling vibrant and energetic.

Many of our clients love our 30 day protocol. 30 Hyperbaric treatments for immediate relief, Digital Thermographic Body Image to locate  “hidden” abnormalities, (This is unique because it shows physiological change and metabolic processes), LBC to assess where immediate attention is needed.

ALCAT food intolerance and immune activity identifies cellular responses to food chemical derived substances for the purpose of identifying triggers of innate immune activity. Micronutrient testing is a comprehensive nutritional analysis of the body’s intracellular function- measures 35 selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your blood cells, and drinking one bottle of “Watt-Ahh” tm a day to give more electrons to the hydrogen atoms so your mitochondria are happy again.

Our passion begins with listening to your goals, run the test, get the results, create your personalized plan and assist you avidly the first 30 days, oversee you and that your plan that accommodates your busy schedule. Phone consults are very common. Too busy to come to the office to do hyperbaric? No problem, we will deliver one to your house! People choose us because we have perfected a plan that provides fast results at an elite level. If you are ready to feel great again, schedule your consult today, in office or from your phone!

(we are cash for service and use of hyperbaric chambers require a prescription from your Dentist,  MD, Chiropractor, DO.)

YOLLO Wellness
3840 Colonial Blvd, Suite 2, Ft. Myers, FL 33966

Foods and You- January 6th | 10:00 am
Certified Nutritionist Deb & Wendy will provide their tips on grocery shopping, simple cooking, eating to heal your body. Dave Marlowe will speak about specialized test profiles- Telomere Lengths, MTHFR, Adrenal Stress Profile, Gut Health Test, Food & Chemical Sensitivity Test and how ALL these can help you feel great again. One day only ALCAT Food blood Test $599.00

Preventative screening with Thermographic Imaging- January 15th | 10:00 am
Learn about non-invasive, no radiation full body scans and how they can show your pain, inflammation and help you take care of the hidden issues before they explode into expensive problems that are difficult to turn around. Special today receive $100.00 full body screening. (Today only $250.00)

Oxygen- The Natural Anti-Inflammatory Therapy – January 22 | 10:00 am
Learn how Oxygen can reduce your inflammation and make you feel great again! Receive a FREE dive on this day. Must bring a doctors script with you to use the hyperbaric chamber. Today only- sign up for 5 sessions and get 2 FREE! (That’s only 89.00 a session). Must attend event to get the special deal. Free Bottle of Watt-Ahh tm for everyone who attends.

Attention Issues- or need a “slight” boost in energy? January 29th | 2:00 pm
ADDTabz was scientifically designed to me a safer alternative to Adderall and Ritalin. Focus, Energy and Concentration without Adverse effects, Tolerance or Dependence! Also learn why you may have that brain fog. ADDTabz RX Formula sale buy one get one 50% off!

Peel Off the Holiday Pounds- Nutrition 101  February 5th | 2:30 pm
PhenTabs RX was scientifically designed to be a safer alternative and more effective replacement to the weight loss drug Phentermine. This is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss/appetite suppressant by increasing and mobilizing fat. You will also help you personalize a 4 day rotation food plan for healthy eating increased weight loss without the hunger. PhenTabz-Save $10.00 today on each bottle purchased.

Tired of Being Tired? February 12th | 2:30 pm
REMTabz RX is a true pharmacological sleep aid. The main proprietary blend directly stimulates the production of Alpha & Delta brain waves creating a state of deep relaxation of all stages of REM N1, N2, N3.  REMTabz RX buy one get one 50% off!

Why Nutritional Testing is Important (Vitamin Levels)- February 22nd | 10:00 am
What vitamins should you take and how much each day? 90% of people are deficient and don’t know the exact amounts of the 32 micronutrients their cells need to function properly.  Insurance will cover a portion of this test. Prices below are what your out of pocket cost will be: Medicare $138.00, Other Insurance $240.00, No Insurance $440.00. (Must have insurance card with you)

Register to attend events at (239) 275-0039
We are cash for service.

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