Alleviate Hip Pain with Acupuncture

Alleviate Hip Pain with AcupunctureDo you suffer from hip pain?  At the end of the day, is it difficult to walk or get up from a chair?  Are your hips sore and achy?  If so, I have good news for you. Acupuncture can alleviate the pain you are experiencing so you can get back to the activities that you enjoy.  Pain relief usually begins within minutes of the start of treatment.

How Does Acupuncture Help?
Even if you have tried acupuncture before and did not get the results you wanted, I encourage you to try it again.  Zang-Fu diagnosis is the type of diagnosis that is taught in American acupuncture schools. Most acupuncturists utilize this diagnostic method to diagnose and treat their patients. Some patients improve completely, some get a significant reduction in pain, and others get only a small amount of pain relief with this approach. This type of diagnosis strategy works great for Chinese Herbs, but for acupuncture the results are inconsistent.

Until recently, this was the type of acupuncture diagnosis that I used in my practice. I was frustrated because the outcome between patients was not consistent. I am happy to report that I have learned a new type of diagnosis and treatment strategy that is getting fantastic results when it comes to pain relief. Most patients get significant reduction of pain within minutes of the insertion of the acupuncture needles.

This diagnosis method is called meridian theory. Meridian diagnosis and treatment is the most effective acupuncture method. It is not taught in the acupuncture schools, however, so most acupuncturists do not use this method. That is why I encourage you to try acupuncture again if you didn’t get relief the first time and if you are still experiencing hip pain.

What Kind Of Acupuncture Is Used?
I use the mirroring and imaging formats to select the appropriate points. To treat the hip, I will put the acupuncture needles into the opposite hand and wrist.  I use acupressure to identify tender or sensitive areas on the corresponding areas of your opposite hand and wrist. The tender areas are where I put the needles. This approach makes each treatment unique, it is rare that exactly the same points are used from treatment to treatment.

The needles are stimulated periodically over the course of about 35 minutes. Soft lighting and music plays so you become profoundly relaxed during the course of the treatment. Depending on the exact circumstances of your pain, stretching, massage, moxibustion or electro-acupuncture may be used in addition to the acupuncture. Instructions about home self-treatment will be given as well.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
Treatment results vary depending on the length of time the pain has been present, your overall health, the severity of degeneration of the hip and your ability to rest the hip between treatments. Most patients see a dramatic reduction during the very first treatment.  If the pain is chronic and if you continue to overuse the hip between treatments, then progress is usually a bit slower. If you have complete degeneration of the hip, bone spurs, or bone rubbing on bone, results will be slower and you may not get complete relief.   Quicker pain relief usually occurs if the pain involves the muscles, bursa, tendons, or ligaments of the hip.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
I recommend 6-12 treatments total in most cases. Results are the best if you can come 3 times per week for the first two weeks, then as needed for maintenance. If you make an effort to rest the hip and perform the suggested home treatment, results can be fast and long lasting so you can resume your pursuit of the activities you enjoy.  Extremely active people and athletes may find they need to come biweekly or monthly for maintenance treatments to keep the pain from returning.

Can I Get Acupuncture if I Have Had
Hip Replacement?Acupuncture is extremely beneficial after any kind of surgery.  I have seen many patients within days of getting back surgery to help speed healing of the area and reduce pain levels.  Since the needles are not placed in the back, there is absolutely no risk of injuring the back or causing infection at the location of the surgery site.  My patients report that their recovery from surgery and ability to get back to normal activities is quickened as a result of the acupuncture treatments.  The swelling reduces faster, the flexibility of the muscles of the back improves faster, and pain is reduced dramatically.

Don’t live one more day with back pain.  Get relief today.  Call (941) 629-2355 now to schedule your acupuncture treatment today!

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