Aging Healthy & Gracefully

By W.L. “Hunter” Huntley, III, BC-HIS –

Aging HealthyThe human mind and body are wonderful creations. The most important thing one can do as the natural aging process occurs is try to maintain a healthy outlook on life. As we age, the mind and body begin to slow down. There are many ways to combat this inevitable process.

A regimen of exercise & healthy diet are a prime example of ways to slow down “Mother Nature”. However, nothing lasts forever.

The older we become, the more “Mother Nature” wears things out. Nerves in the inner ear (cochlea), begin to die off in the higher frequencies first. This affects not only the ability to hear; but clarify exactly what is being said. This process will gradually continue to worsen. If left unchecked, a hearing deficit can lead to isolation, depression, and an overall feeling of being “left out” of normal daily activities enjoyed and participated by family members and friends.

According to an article in AARP Bulletin in May 2011: A new study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging finds that men and women with untreated hearing loss are much more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. People with severe hearing loss, the study reports, were five times more likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing. Even mild hearing loss doubled the dementia risk. That risk, says Frank Lin, M.D. assistant professor in the Division of Otology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a co-author of the study, appeared to increase once hearing loss began to interfere with the ability to communicate – for example, in a noisy restaurant.

Modern hearing devices have allowed millions of people to get re-connected to life. The high tech hearing instruments of today enable many people to overcome their feelings of self-doubt, and move ahead with more confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Hearing instrument wearers reported a more positive outlook on life, allowing them to participate in everyday activities that previously made them self-conscious or uncomfortable. Many even reported an improvement in intimacy.

The National Speech and Hearing Institute recommends an annual hearing evaluation for people 55 years of age and older.

If you or a loved one has not been examined for hearing loss, call today for a “FREE SCREENING” at 239-997-8288.

Just like your vision, ears and hearing are very important. One set has to last a lifetime!

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