The Affordable Care Act

By Carol DiNicolantonio R.Ph.

Affordable Care ActThe Affordable Care Act or better know as “Obamacare” is score carding your physician.  This means that his/her patients have to show medical improvements and show that they are complying with their medications.

• Is your physician threatening to drop you as a patient if you do not improve?

• Are you taking your medications as directed?  Do you even know if you are?

• Are you taking more than four medications including over the counter medications a day?

• Have you been in the hospital due to illness once a year or more?

Then you need the in home service of a licensed clinical pharmacist to help you review and educate you on how to properly take your medications and verify that you are taking them correctly.

Did you know that most people taking more than four medications a day are causing drug-drug or drug-disease interactions?  Are the medications being prescribed by the same physician?  If not you at very high risk for problems.

Do you have a chronic disease or condition?  If you do medication adherence is critical for the best outcomes.  If you have more than one chronic disease or condition then you are at an even greater risk then the general population.

Do some of the medications that you take look similar?  Or does the same medication change every other month to a new generic which look different and is a different color?  Then you are at risk or mixing your medications or not taking them correctly and harming yourself.

Are you being forced to receive your medications from a mail order pharmacy?  Did you know that every medication if the temperature goes above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is less effective or ineffective?  What temperature during May through October does the inside of your mailbox go up to?

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions you need help!

At Home Medication Review
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