ADDTabz – “The New Adderall Alternative”

By Dr. Stan Headley M.D., N.D. –

ADDAs a Doctor of Medicine for 21 years, and a board certified naturopathic physician for 15 years, I am always on the lookout for new and advanced non-prescription alternatives for my patients to their current medications which often have as many negative side effects as desirable benefits.

ADD is an area that I have a strong background in. A lot of my knowledge came not just from med school but also while doing research for my published work – A Pocket Guide to ADD/ADHD. I realized there are millions of children, teenagers, college students and adults who are diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or that are at least “labeled” as such. A good percentage of these patients have been prescribed medications such as Adderall or Ritalin to help them with their symptoms.

Considering that two-thirds of children who have symptoms of ADHD will not outgrow it as adults, it is no surprise that Adderall, the most prescribed medication used to treat ADHD, is now in short supply. To further add to the shortage is the fact that Adderall is the number one illegally used drug of choice on college campuses (as a Study Drug/Aid).

The popularity of Adderall (and other similar type medications) on college campuses is due to the fact that these medications provide what seems like endless energy as well as the ability to hyper-focus and thus cram in tons of information and studying in shorter periods of time. The problem is that unless you have ADD/ADHD – you can’t get a prescription for Adderall. Physicians have also been seriously cracking down on students asking for Adderall for use as a “study drug” and sending them away without a prescription (well done Dr’s).

So where does that leave the millions of individuals that don’t have fully diagnosed ADD/ADHD but who are still looking for a product that will help support their brain metabolism and cognitive mental function in terms of increased focus, energy and concentration?

Let me share some clinical pearls I have learned on my journey in helping others be well and stay well, which have been proven through the test of time:

1 – Whenever possible, use products (Rx or non-prescription) which are safe and effective for both patient and doctor.

2 – Whenever possible, use products that achieve superior results without negative side effects.

This is where Gentech Pharmaceuticals and their latest pharmacological superstar “ADDTabz” comes into play. ADDTabz is widely recognized as “the Adderall alternative for millions”. ADDTabz™ is a non-prescription pharmaceutical featuring FDA recognized active ingredients for mental performance and enhancement.

In alignment with Gentech Pharmaceutical’s mission and philosophy of making healthy life style choices, ADDTabz sets itself apart and above the rest as it does not add more burden to the body as it protects the brain cells from damage while allowing individuals to stay incredibly focused and enhances concentration to get daily tasks done with consistent, clean and sustainable energy.

ADDTabz is now replacing Adderall in the offices of many physicians of all specialties, for good reason.  ADDTabz was designed by the world leader in designer drugs to be an upgrade to Adderall from the onset.  ADDTabz utilizes all the positive attributes of Adderall, while eliminating all the negative components, resulting in a much healthier, cleaner, safer non-prescription product for mental enhancement.
Adderall, while on the market for 16 years, continues to have problems with downregulation (over time, the drug becomes less effective and higher dosages are required to achieve the same overall effect), serious dangerous side effects which must be managed and the potential for addiction. None of these side effects are seen with ADDTabz.

There is no question about the absolute need for enhanced mental performance in today’s academic and business environments. ADDTabz is without question an exceptional non-prescription pharmaceutical that has received enormous acceptance and approval within the medical community as a first-line therapy for patients seeking an Adderall type medication without having full-fledged ADHD as a true diagnosis.

For the millions of people who have been searching for a safer alternative, it is now available and no shortage (like Adderall) currently exists.

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