– By Bob Long, President, Nova Medical SWF, Inc. –

The Nova Medical Protocol
The Nova Medical Protocol for addiction treatment attacks the symptoms of withdrawal, allowing a cleansing of toxic drugs with a minimum of discomfort. The treatment is personalized and begins with an initial visit which includes a comprehensive assessment. If appropriate, the first dose of medication will be given.

Our medical director, Raymond Johnson, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and oversees the program as well as managing the medication used.
The medication used in the Nova Medical Protocol (Suboxone) is safe and effective at reducing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Substance dependence is a complex problem. The best results are achieved by using a combination of pharmacological treatments coupled with recovery support services.

Nova Medical Center uses many treatment methods including suboxone, Suboxone detoxification, recovery coaching, learning techniques to deal with urges and cravings, nutritional counseling, supplementation recommendations, and an exercise regimen individualized by a certified personal trainer.

In addition laser treatments can be added to your treatment to further reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. For some Neurofeedback therapy can bring significant changes, and has proven very effective  in relieving cravings and preventing relapse.  Read more about neurofeedback at

Hope may be on the horizon for sufferers of addiction because neurofeedback therapy appears to be more promising than many other treatments currently available for this condition.

Be aware that a combination of therapies is most effective in treating addiction.  Nova Medical can be an adjunct to your health care team by providing cognitive behavior therapy, exercise regimens, nutritional counseling, and neurofeedback.  Call today to see which combination of therapies will work best for you.

Our treatment services are affordable and considerably less than in-patient treatment. Our treatment model allows most patients to continue their normal work and family life schedules without interruption.

Call Melodie or Bob at 239 267 0986 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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